• Aug
  • 22
  • 2018

What’s New in Midnight 6.2

With the recent release of Midnight  6.2, we believe we have given our customer the most robust and feature-rich version of Midnight to date. With updates to the user interface, enhanced print calculators, new features in estimating, orders, accounting, and reports.

In Print Estimating we constantly see the need to add new features and in doing so the tool had become cluttered. To remedy this we updated the user interface to help the workflow and user experience. As part of the new features, we added a new calculator type that accommodates the ability to estimate work being printed on high-speed digital roll fed presses.

As part of working to get the calculator to work with new technology, we have also improved the systems ability to consume roll inventory along with better handling of multi-part jobs such as a book with a different cover stock.

When handling roll inventory they system will not keep track of the total feet and inches being used and left in inventory. While doing this we are still keeping the handling of sheets as an each unit of measure.

Above is a Screenshot of the new Print Calculator User Interface: For more information on how to use the new print calculator, please review the list of videos that can be accessed via this link.

In our Estimates and Order modules, you now have the option to default the Billing and Shipping address that is entered within the Customer – Quick Add form to main Customer form.  Previously,  a user would have to edit the customer record to populate the Billing and Shipping addresses.

We have added the feature to let QuickBooks Online Purchase Order Export.  We have added the option to dynamically change the transaction type in the QuickBooks Online export file. This new option allows you to import a Purchase Order as a Bill or Purchase Order into your QuickBooks Online depending on your specific needs.

A new feature that has been added to the CRM is limits on the sales reb to only see estimates and orders that they are assigned to in the system. This request has come into support numerous times; how can I lock my Sales Reps from accessing Estimates, Orders or Customer records they are not the Sales Rep on. When you edit their Employee record, under the User Logins & Permissions tab, you can now limit what form(s) you want them to only see records where they are the Sale Rep.

When you preview a report in Midnight, you now have a Preview button that you can click on after selecting your report.  This was reintroduced in 6.2 since users that access Midnight on their phone or tablet, are now able to preview the reports.

From within the proofing portal, we have added the feature to handle online proofs in a secure environment by stripping the email hyperlink and approving through the client portal? This forces the user to log into the customer portal to get to the proof instead of exposing the proof to the public through a hyperlink.

When the proofs checkbox is checked the hyperlink will not be included in the email.

Above is an example of an email with the proofing link excluded.

To learn more about Midnight 6.2 please contact us today!