• Aug
  • 04
  • 2017

Virtual System’s LinkedIn Forum – A Place of Sharing and Support

There is a lot of truth to the adage that knowledge is power, which is why we developed the Midnight Print & Mail MIS. This system captures and tracks the information you need to maximize your capacities, streamline processes, and increase customer satisfaction. However, we recognize that that, as users, you may need more knowledge than we can provide, so we formed our LinkedIn Forum.

This group is only for Midnight and Mail-Shop users, so every member has a mailing, print or related business, and they use this forum to:

  • Engage in user to user conversations. Unlike other forums, you can communicate with other Virtual Systems customers to ask questions, provide solutions, and learn about aspects of our system that you might not be familiar with from someone who uses it on a daily basis.
  • Discuss recent upgrades. Of course, you can always speak with our staff regarding a recent upgrade, but through this forum, you can also share your thoughts and experiences with other users through the forum, and hear their opinions as well.
  • Address issues beyond the software. Our forum members often answer each other’s questions on laws, nuances of machines or jobs, managing postage, purchasing expensive machines, and the decision to hire or automate. They discuss the industry, machine types, and other topics relative to the daily operations of their business.
  • Develop resources. Every forum member brings their own experiences and expertise to the conversation. Some become mentors to new users, and others provide insight to the community as a whole. Soon you will learn to ask specific types of questions, or become an expert in your own right.

All discussions occur in a safe, secure environment with other Midnight and Mail-Shop users. Join this community to access a wealth of knowledge and experience only other business owners can provide, or contact us to learn more. If you’re reading this blog and unfamiliar with our products, request a demo to experience the power of Midnight.