• Aug
  • 14
  • 2018

Use the Branding Trend to Grow your Print and Mail Shop

Branding is king. When you remove the jargon and fluff, branding is simply determining how a business
will distinguish itself in the marketplace with a plan to do so consistently. While much of this process is
digital, such as websites and social media presence, there are many print and mail elements to a
cohesive brand. Understanding the demand for branding and how you can assist companies to achieve it
offers many marketing and sales opportunities.

Speak the Branding Talk

Branding has changed over time. A few decades ago it was about a name, slogan, or design that was
used to distinguish one product from another. As we’ve grown into a global marketplace, branding
serves a deeper purpose, whether you are selling overseas or in a small community. Today, branding is
more complex and is used to:

  • Deliver a clear message of what a company delivers and its values.
  • Establish credibility in the marketplace.
  • Create customer recognition and loyalty.
  • Motivate consumers to make purchases.
  • Emotionally connect a customer’s target audience to their products, services, and business.

You must understand this broader scope of branding to connect with, and sell to, today’s business
owners and entrepreneurs.

Become a Branding Partner

A company that is focused on branding will probably have developed a brand style guide, which
identifies their logo, font(s), color palate and marketing message to be used with every communication,
from letterhead to promotional materials. This can be a complex or basic guide, but it helps the client
and you assure consistency of their print materials.

When a branding customer comes through your door, ask for this information. They may or may not call
it a style guide, but they should have already decided on these key elements. By requesting this
material, you demonstrate that you understand the nuances of branding and will deliver orders that are
consistent with the customer’s brand. Be sure to review each print request with the client to confirm
that it meets these established elements and, if not, make suggestions for correction. This interaction
demonstrates that you understand their brand and are committed to its success. Always deliver their
items with impeccable customer service – because this is your brand. Once you become a true branding
partner, businesses will prioritize your company as their vendor.

Types of Print and Mail Branding Products

Nearly every service you deliver supports branding activities, the trick is to repackage these items from
simple “print materials” to a “branding package.” Group your products into branding packages that
directly speak to the needs of your customers’, such as:

  • Market Brand Recognition. This package includes business cards, letterhead, folders and
    signage, which are often the first experience that a consumer has with a brand, so they must be
    the best possible quality.
  • Customer Brand Engagement. This package includes all things direct mail, such as postcards,
    catalogs, and letters, as well as promotional items that will keep your customer’s brand present
    to their target audience.
  • Employee Brand Engagement. This package is all about apparel, such as t-shirts, hats, and other
    items that employees may wear at work or during their off hours. Branded apparel helps remind
    employees that they are brand representatives and how they treat others reflects on the
  •  Market Brand Communication. Press releases, sales flyers, and other public communications fall
    under this package and must be consistent with your customer’s brand.

Adding brand partnership to your services may require employee education and a few additional steps,
but with a little effort, you will become known as the go-to print and mail shop for all things branding.
Which is a pretty great brand of your own.