• May
  • 08
  • 2017

Top 5 Print MIS Tips After Doing Over 100 Implementations

Hansen Longfellow loves helping clients implement new print MIS systems, and has over 100 projects to her credit. Based on this experience, she shares her top five tips to help others make the process go smoothly.

  1. Be Patient. Implementation takes time, and each module requires its own setup and training. To be effective the process will take two to three months, not six days, but it will be done right.
  2. Look for Points of Integration. Compare the functions of your new systems with other applications you use on a regular basis, and identify ways to streamline the process, such as eliminating duplicate logins and supporting data transfers. Midnight Print and Mail MIS has bridges that link various industry applications with our own program to facilitate this process.
  3. Don’t Clean House. Just like people clean their houses before the cleaning service comes in, people clean up their print systems before the implementation team arrives. When this happens, we can’t see the problems that need to be fixed. Don’t worry, we won’t judge, but we do need to see everything.
  4. Know What Your Clients Want. Virtual System’s Midnight product does more than help you maximize capacity and provide great service. It can create client reports and has a customer portal to improve satisfaction. Customization is possible, so you can deliver exactly what your customers want.
  5. Value Your Team. Too many people think that their most business valuable asset is their equipment, but that isn’t true. The people on the floor are your most valuable asset, and the right system can give them the information they need to improve confidence, communications, and productivity.

The implementation process is a significant undertaking, but one that reaps great rewards. Trust your implementation team, and remember that they are on your side. At Virtual Systems, we truly believe that your success is our reward, and we work with our clients to achieve the best results possible. Contact us today to learn more or request a demo.