• Apr
  • 30
  • 2017

Top 5 Mistakes Businesses Make with Print MIS

When a print business purchases and installs a MIS system, there is a belief that the new system will automatically fix all the issues that existed with the old one. This may be true if they have prepared for the change and are ready to make the most their investment. However, many companies haven’t established the ground rules for success, which leads to new headaches. There are five common mistakes businesses make when implementing and utilizing a print MIS system.

  1. Lack of Goals. As with any major change, you need to have a plan of how you are getting from installation to utilization. These goals should identify your priorities based on your needs.
  2. Lack of a Plan. Once goals have been established, you need to develop an implementation plan which identifies timeframes for completion and task responsibilities.
  3. Too Much Input. Seeking input from employees regarding what they like and don’t like about the current system, and what they want from the new one, is great to achieve buy in. However, when the process is unending, it blocks the company from taking the next step – implementation.
  4. The Blended System. There will always be those who cling to “the way we always did it” and will try to use the old system whenever possible. This attempt to blend the new and old systems leads to serious problems that will waste time and money.
  5. Print MIS systems offer a full range of tools, from order estimation to job scheduling to accounting. Too many businesses cherry pick the pieces they like the most, which leaves powerful resources unused. Take full advantage of the system to get the best value from your investment.

At Virtual Systems, we are committed to helping every customer find success with the best print and mail MIS system on the market. We have an expert implementation team and the experience to guide you through the upgrade process as quickly and painlessly as possible.  Contact us today to learn more or request a demo.