• Nov
  • 25
  • 2015

How the Cloud and SaaS Use Is Evolving in the Printing Industry

Chart of Functions Where Printers Use SaaSBack in 2012, I ran a survey on the cloud and SaaS use in the printing and marketing services industry, and late this summer, I conducted a follow-up study. There has been a lot of change.

One of the most surprising results that came out of the initial survey was the number of organizations that had a strategy in place to specifically prohibit the use of cloud services. Back in 2012, 28 percent of commercial operations and 60 percent of in-plants had these types of cloud-prohibitive strategies. In 2015, that number has dropped by over half to 12 percent for commercial operations but remains largely unchanged for in-plants. This difference is most likely due to controls imposed on in-plants by corporate IT departments.

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