• May
  • 30
  • 2018

How a Print & Mail MIS Helps Overcome 4 Common Obstacles

Most print and mail shops use a variety of software systems to operate their business, such as one for order entry, scheduling, job costing, accounting and postage management, etc. The problem with this ad hoc approach is lack of integration. Users only see separate pieces of their operations rather than a comprehensive view of the entire process. An effective print and mail management information system (MIS) presents a comprehensive view of the business which leads to improved efficiencies and cash flow. A fully integrated print and mail MIS will overcome the 4 common problems experienced by these companies.

  1. Project Conflicts and Log Jams. For businesses using a free-standing scheduling system, it is impossible to get a full picture of due dates, staffing requirements and machine usage, which can result in conflicting demands for specific processes and log jams for services. An integrated system gives you a full view of the projects in the queue and the resources needed to fill them. It will flag the user if a new project is added that is in conflict with existing projects so smart decisions can be made, rather than a panicked reaction.
  2. Unallocated or Misallocated Costs. For companies that utilize an independent billing system, each work order must be manually changed into an invoice before it is sent for payment. It is easy to under or over bill, apply charges to the wrong account, and for other human errors to occur. With a fully integrated MIS, the work order is automatically transformed into the invoice, meaning every cost is captured and allocated to the correct client.
  3. Lack of Materials. Typical off-the-shelf inventory programs can tell you when you are running low on an item, but you can’t track this information by customer, project type, etc. An inventory management package that is part of a fully integrated system will track inventory by clients and categories, so you can be sure that every project has all of the necessary resources to fill it. This saves you time and money and assures that you meet project deadlines which results in satisfied customers.
  4. Lack of Communication. With an ad hoc system, work is often duplicated because two departments produce similar paperwork. Orders get missed because the schedule hasn’t been updated or an employee didn’t receive notification of the changes. The sales department doesn’t want to push for new business because they think the company is operating at capacity when it isn’t. Each of these communication problems disappears with a fully integrated system. Everyone is on the same page because there is only one page, and everything runs smoother.

Midnight Print & Mail MIS is a robust system that can be customized to fit your specific operations and organization. It is a powerful tool that integrates key tasks to improve efficiencies, but also plays well with other programs that you use and want to keep. To learn more about Midnight, please contact us or request a demo.