• Sep
  • 06
  • 2017

Five Things Chris Huber is Looking Forward to at Print 17 in Chicago

The Print 17 Trade Show will be held September 10th through 14th in Chicago and offers industry members a chance to learn how to thrive in today’s changing market. The trade show’s focus is on both print and mail services and provides attendees the opportunity to discover tools to expand sales streams, manage costs, and evaluate the latest technologies.

Virtual Systems President, Chris Huber is excited to participate in the event, and in a recent interview he shared the top five things he is looking forward to at Print 17:

  1. Unveiling Midnight 6.0. Already an excellent print and mail MIS, this newest version boasts of new scheduling tools and enhanced print features, as well as a whopping 40% increase in performance. In addition, it features a complete user interface revamp to white motif.
  2. Sharing Midnight with Business Owners. “I sincerely believe that we have the best print and mail MIS on the market, and I love introducing Midnight software to shop owners,” Chris explained. “People are amazed at our intuitive platform and love the fact that it is cloud based.”
  3. Visiting with Current Customers. One of Chris’ favorite things is spending time with current users, hearing their stories of how Midnight has supported their growth and success and learning about which functions are most valuable to them.
  4. Seeing New Technologies. “Effective technology tools are the only way to achieve success in today’s market,” Chris explained. “Even though my company provides a great product, there are so many more tools available and this gives me a chance to learn, and ultimately better support our customers.
  5. Forging New API Relationships. Midnight Print and Mail MIS includes a toolkit to fully automate workflows and integrate with 3rd party applications, allowing our customers to customize the system. “We are always seeking opportunities to develop these integration opportunities with new programs to assure our clients have access to the latest technologies,” Chris stated.

Chris has attended several of these trade shows and anticipates that this year there will be a greater emphasis on software technology, efficiency, and automation. For those who have never attended this event before, he strongly recommends that they participate. He stated, “Because change is so prominent in the industry right now, the best way to keep on top of new best practices is to see them in action at the show.”

Even those who have attended in the past should consider coming to Print 17 because new offerings and add-ons are introduced each year, even by long-time vendors. “These enhancements are often ‘game-changers’, and those who take advantage of them are the first to benefit from these new opportunities,” Chris explains.

Chris and staff will be showcasing Midnight Print and Mail MIS software version 6.0 at the Virtual Systems booth located in the South Hall of McCormick Place, booth 1867. Please stop in and say hello, and take our newest, most powerful system for a test drive.