• Dec
  • 05
  • 2018

Excellent ROI with Midnight Print & Mail MIS

Many print and mail shop owners hesitate to purchase a management information system (MIS) because they don’t feel they can afford the expense. The truth is that most businesses can’t afford not to purchase it. At Virtual Systems, we have found that most of our customers experience a return on investment (ROI) of one year. This means that the cost savings that they capture from using the system allows them to recoup the purchase price within 12 months, which is excellent and above average in the industry. Every additional year that the system is in use, these savings go directly to your bottom line.

Our Midnight Print & Mail MIS achieves these cost savings in many ways, including:

  1. Lower Staffing Costs. The MIS eliminates redundancies and improves efficiencies which means it takes fewer people to deliver the same quality outcomes. These staffing reductions can be seen in nearly every department, depending on your current systems.
  2. Increased Capacity. Using our intuitive dashboards and project management tools, you can identify gaps in your operational capacity and increase your workload to fill them. By operating at capacity, you increase revenues and decrease downtime losses.
  3. Inventory Management. Midnight’s inventory management system tracks supplies by client, job type, and general resources. You receive alerts when a supply amount is below an established threshold and can create automatic reordering systems for core materials. Because you always have what you need when you need it, you avoid the cost of emergency supply purchases, project delays, and unused capacity.
  4. Accurate Cost Allocation. Our MIS automatically translates a completed work order into an invoice, with all costs accurately captured for payment. It doesn’t matter what type of job, contract pricing system, or timeframe, you can quickly produce an invoice that fully priced the job, including all costs. This process saves you money in two ways. First, every expense is included in the final bill. Second, your billing department doesn’t have to manually create an invoice from a work order. This process not only accurately allocates your costs, but it improves cash flow as well.

Instead of asking if you can afford to purchase a print and mail management information system, you should instead ask if you can afford not to. Contact us to learn about our powerful and intuitive Midnight Print & Mail MIS and discover the positive impact it can have across every department of your business. You can also request a demo and calculate your own ROI to truly appreciate this amazing system.