• Mar
  • 18
  • 2014

Customer complaints aren’t going away

Business professional attending callThe opportunity is to use processes to turn the challenges into something constructive.

Dealing with customer complaints is probably the least pleasant of jobs for managers. But it’s also one of the most important. It can improve customer retention and gives the company a reputation for providing top service. In an age when anyone can do a Google search and search for comments people make about their experience with your company in blogs, readers’ forums and in social media, it becomes absolutely critical for every printer.

Printers should provide employees dealing directly with customers the power and flexibility to immediately resolve the issue.

So what to do? Experts say the first thing is just shut up and listen. Let people vent – they need to do it if they’ve had a bad experience. And deal with it by asking open-ended questions, the types of questions that require more than a yes or a no. Questions like what happened, how did that make you feel, what was that like, what would you want us to do about this? Ditch the formalities and be prepared to bend the rules to help the aggrieved customer. Avoid over-compensating and offer “fair and reasonable” solutions. Follow up and respond in writing and finally, monitor customers’ conversations on the web.

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