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“After reviewing a number of MIS systems, we chose to implement Midnight software and have since found it to be the ideal platform on which to run and grow this segment of our business.”
  • Matthew Fest, President, American Visual Brands

Onboarding New Employees Is Smoother

“Midnight allows us to consolidate processes and simplifies the training process for new employees”
  • Texas

Essential Tool to Run Our Shop

“As an agency that does all of our own production - we use midnight for managing jobs from concept through billing”
  • California

Everything at the Click of a Button

“My favorite things about midnight is its ability to be accessed from wherever you are. From home, from work, from smartphones, it’s so convenient to have it right at your fingertips.”
  • Utah

Central Place to Track Any Job

“We do wide format printing and take orders online through our website. Midnight allows us to consolidate multiple softwares and streamline job tracking throughout the shop.”
  • Arizona

Profits Up by $30k per Year

“Virtual Systems software increased our profits by more than $30k in the first year. I'm really not sure how we got along without it before.”
  • California

Running Our Entire Business on Virtual Systems

“We're a true marketing services provider and use Virtual Systems software to run our entire business.”
  • Washington

Run Our Business from Anywhere in the Cloud

“Midnight is a key part of our strategy to run our entire business from the cloud.”
  • Texas
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“I really appreciated the Virtual Systems staff during the go-live process. Words can’t express how critical Midnight was to our success during the campaign season. My only regret is that I didn’t do it years ago.”

  • Brian Schott, CEO
  • Admail-Adprint Express, Inc.
  • Hayward, CA

“I love Midnight! My top three favorite features are:

1 – Easy integration with our other applications. Web-submitted orders come into the order work queue which reduces the labor of manual entry and potential mistakes. Accounting integration – being able to export invoices and import directly into QB also reduces labor.

2 – Easy estimating that converts directly into an order and then into an invoice. Reduces wasted time and mistakes with order entry duplication.

3 – Order tracking and scheduling. Job boards, widgets, tools that help manage daily production and our leaders to track order progress from project inception through completion.”

  • April Angel
  • Executive Vice President

“We aren’t like most of the clients that this software was built for, we do primarily contract work. We really pushed Virtual Systems to deliver on some big items that we have been desperately needing out of one system, instead of two, which is what we’ve done for the last several years. I think it goes without saying that we asked the VS team to deliver on some massive reports, unlike anything they’ve built before and we are happy to say each and every one of the functions just as we hoped they would.

The largest hurdle was building a custom integration with our accounting system which is unlike any other accounting software. There were several strange variables in the way that we bill clients and he worked through each scenario top to bottom with us and made sure we were covering all bases, even unlikely scenarios.

I’m sure at this point the Elite team has a bit of a reputation around VS for having very complex needs in way of accounting and reporting, but the VS team never strayed from their commitment. This platform will be one that we anchor our business on for years to come!”
Check out our website at Elite Services, Inc.

  • Kraig Piercy
  • Elite Services, Inc.

“I am sure you know this, but Virtual Systems has excellent trainers. Most recently during our Mail-Shop to Midnight upgrade our trainer was very helpful over the past three days here at PostMark. The insights provided were very helpful and their knowledge of the software is very impressive. The trainer we had had a great and calming personality making interactions with her relaxed and fun. Just wanted to pass along our appreciation.”
Check out our website at
PostMark, Inc.
390 Cassell St., Winston-Salem, NC 27107
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  • Jon Bowman
  • President, PostMark, Inc.

“We’re live on the software, and I think it’s going to change everything. Thanks for working with us and making this happen. I also wanted to mention how absolutely wonderful Tracie is/was to work with. I couldn’t have gotten this done without her, and I look forward to having her back to tackle inventory soon.”

  • Jay Adcock
  • Digital Dog Direct

“I just wanted to send along my praise for the continued support that we have received from Virtual Systems. It has been several weeks since our Midnight software implementation. We continue to meet daily to review outstanding items and every day your team comes back to us with a list of resolved issues. The speed of your response and quick understanding of what we are describing is superior to most vendors. We truly look forward to growing our relationship with you and please let others know that we are a happy customer. Thanks!”

  • David King | IT Manager – Administrative Systems
  • Centene Corporation

“I would like to share that your development and support teams were most helpful during our shared mail implementation. I would rate their performance as exemplary”

  • Scott Gambill
  • The Boston Globe

“Midnight is the flexible software we needed to custom build our own Automated Document Facility.  As a transactional mailing company, we have many security and reporting requirements.  Midnight made it possible to:  automate our order receipt process, integrate our automated piece tracking, and improve our customer contact through the online portal. The Virtual Systems team has been great to work with as we develop web services to continuously improve our processes.”

  • Hansen Ryder Longfellow
  • Ryder Direct Inc.

“BMR Group embarked on replacing its house developed ERP system with a more robust system in early 2006.  After extensive research, Mail-Shop by Virtual Systems was chosen as the prime candidate.  Through the help of Virtual Systems we arranged to tour 3 facilities, two in the USA and one in Canada, which were existing users of the software.  All three facilities expressed their satisfaction of the system and we quickly decided it would meet our needs completely.

In March of 2006, BMR Group installed Mail-Shop to run all aspects of our business.  We went live on the Shop Floor Data Collection module on day 1 and had completely switched over our inventory tracking and docket creation by the end of week one.
Shortly after the installation of Mail-Shop we were able to achieve the following cost savings:
– Reduction in Customer Service Representatives from 5 employees to 4 employees due to time savings using Mail-Shop to estimate, create and manage jobs.
– Reduction in Warehouse Staff from 4 employees to 3 employees due to integration of inventory and docket creating modules of Mail-Shop.
– Increased overall profitability of jobs through more accurate pricing and costing models generated through Mail-Shop.
Today in 2012 we have recently upgraded to Mail-Shop version 8.4 and continue to be impressed by its new features.  After 6 years of being a Mail-Shop user I could not imagine using any other ERP software to run our business.  Mail-Shop lets our staff be the most efficient possible in doing their jobs without sacrificing any data capture, raw material tracking or product movement integrity.”

  • John Rumble
  • VP Production, BMR Group

“Mail-Shop has been a wonderful asset to our company, unifying the flow of information in one comprehensive software program. The entire Virtual Systems family made our transition smooth and seamless, and their attention to our needs has been second to none. Through the use of Mail-Shop we have increased productivity and efficiencies throughout our departments, and now have single way to help with reporting, job costing, and accounting. Thank you Virtual Systems for this wonderful addition to our growing company!”

  • Scott Leisten
  • Vice-President, Eclipse Mailing Services

“Mail-Shop reduced my overhead costs by $45,000 in the first two years, and shortened my billing cycle by a week. I didn’t believe it till I saw it, but Mail-Shop saves us money.”

  • Chad Richardson
  • President, Seattle Mailing Bureau

“We increased our profits by more than $30,000 in the first year. I’m really not sure how we got along without Print & Mail-Shop before.”

  • John Hodgman
  • Owner, Direct Connection

“Mail-Shop increased our sales by 20% without hiring any new front-office staff. It has increased our profitability and our bottom line has never been better! I also get vital information about my company at the touch of a button which allows me to make better decisions about my business. In short, Mail-Shop gives us the tools to make more money while working less. It has made a huge difference to our company, and I sleep better at night.”

  • Emmet Marshall II
  • President, Mail-Ad

“Mail-Shop gives us a competitive advantage. The online customer service module impresses our customers, resulting in an increase in sales, and improved customer retention. Additionally, it saved me from having to hire a new CSR by streamlining workflow. That is an entire salary I save each year!”

  • Jeff Sparks
  • Owner, Automated Direct Mail

“We installed Mail-Shop in the summer of 2002, and the following quarter was our best in company history, despite being short-staffed in the sales department. We attribute this to Mail-Shop, which allowed us pump through more orders with fewer resources. We have had incredible support from the Mail-Shop team, and as you can tell I definitely think that it is worth the investment of time and money!!”

  • Malia Lageman
  • President, Cardinal Services, LTD.

Mail-Shop has made my company more profitable. Since implementing Mail-Shop, output has increased and overhead costs have decreased. The system gets order details out of people’s heads and gives us the tools to provide a more professional level of customer service. Additionally, it has empowered my employees by making their jobs easier. Consequently, they’re willing to take on more responsibility which frees up my time from administrative duties so I can focus on growing my company. Mail-Shop was well worth the investment, and I couldn’t run my company without it.

  • Gary Watson
  • President, Elite Print Services

“I love Mail-Shop because it saves my employees tons of time by consolidating several stand-alone systems into one. I now have 2 CSRs, but without Mail-Shop I’d need at least 4 to handle the same job volume. And by invoicing through Mail-Shop we’ve cut our billing time in half! We’re very pleased with the program.”

  • Brian Dicker
  • President, Strahm Automation and Mailing

“Mail-Shop has far exceeded our expectations. The start-up was incredibly easy, and we were actually sending out live invoices prior to the end of our training session. Our receivables are turning around faster and have dropped nearly 30%. We decided to try Mail-Shop instead of adding additional staff to generate work orders and assist with billing. It has definitely paid off! We not only avoided hiring additional personnel, we’ve also reduced the workload for 2 employees by about 12 hours per week each – that’s a savings of 24 hours total per week.”

  • Robbie Yelvington
  • Owner, Mail Processing Associates, Inc

“We had Mail-Shop up-and-running on the second day of the installation, and were immediately using it to manage orders from estimating through invoicing. Before Mail-Shop we used a homegrown program, but found it increasingly difficult to support, so we decided to get an out-of-the-box program that would be supported for us. The ease of use and quick implementation of Mail-Shop beat all other programs on the market, and the customer support is excellent.”

  • David Hedges
  • Owner, Mailer’s Choice

“Mail-Shop allowed us to aggressively grow our business without a significant investment in Human Capital. It was easy to implement and has been paying dividends ever since. There are enough challenges in our business, why make it more difficult than it needs to be!”

  • Tom Heim
  • COO, Infocus Marketing

“Mail Shop has played an integral role in our success as one of the Top 5 mailing service firms in Minnesota. Mail Shop’s powerful system modules have taken the guesswork out of the equation by managing job information, and keeping record of integral parts of each job. The Inventory and CRM modules have given our customers faster and more accurate responses.”

  • Ric Johnson
  • Director, Mail Source, Inc.

“I just wanted to compliment Greg cram and Fred Lee, your support staff. We just went through a difficult conversion with one of our computer systems where everything is on the cloud, we updated our programs and a lot of little things did not work, had to be corrected and your guys have been just super, very responsive, have been helping my IT people with the parts that apply to Mail-Shop and it’s just been a pleasure to deal with them and I wanted to let you know thanks so much.”

  • Sue McFarland
  • Publishers Graphics

“Tracie, As you may have gathered from your time here with us in training, we have a 2nd mile award we give out monthly to the person who most exudes that kind of attitude. YOU were chosen for August. It is rare that anyone outside our organization wins but felt you were really above and beyond with all your help towards our many question no matter when they were asked. Thank you for your great attitude.”

  • Jim Cote
  • President, The Master’s Touch

It is well put together! Everything is pretty straight forward and easy to navigate. I like that you can customize reports on the phone app, just like you can in the main system and the email function to send reports out is brilliant. Great that you can still control who can see what reports, as well. I could see this being a great tool when I’m out of the office, or even in the office away from my computer in a meeting. Boss-Man just needs to break down and get a smart phone

  • Justin Biel
  • CSR, Douglas Shaw Associates

“We ship an average of 1500 packages a day using Virtual System’s Midnight Fulfillment. I have been very impressed with their support. We had a complex installation switching from another software vendor’s fulfillment software and the Midnight Fulfillment trainer stayed onsite until we were fully operational. And the support didn’t stop at installation, anytime we have a question we can submit it to their support channel and within an hour have a response and if necessary a person on the phone helping us.”

  • Wells Printing

After sitting through multiple demos from many different fulfillment software companies, we have finally found a fulfillment system that is very detailed and very easy to use! Midnight makes managing the warehouse and pulling inventory extremely easy! Thanks!

  • Mike Holmes
  • Fulfillment Manager, Linemark Printing, Inc.

Our goal was to take control of the entire project by providing a web services integration and state of the art inventory management. In order to do that, we needed a new software solution and that’s when we looked to Virtual Systems and it’s Midnight Fulfillment program. They were able to custom-program the new software so it could talk to the original Jones’ system. Now when people log on to the My Jones website and place their orders, the data gets automatically pushed into Midnight. With just a few clicks we produce pick slips, packing list, and the inventory gets deducted automatically. The system even puts the shipping information into the Fed Ex computer. We don’t have to manually input anything. Coolest of all is that our client can focus on what they do best, making great soda! Try it out for yourself at My Jones

  • Emmet Marshall
  • President, Mail-Ad

As you may know we are now a client of yours. We still have custom work and implementation of Midnight fulfillment to go. However, I wanted to express my thanks and let you know how impressed I have been with Dennis Nisbet (especially), and Steve Corcoran thus far. They have worked diligently with us in determining our requirements….not an easy task and probably somewhat frustrating as I’m sure they would agree! I look forward to the enhanced capabilities that the program should hopefully provide in moving Evacam in our desired direction.

  • Simon de Silva
  • Owner, Evacam Solutions LLC

What took us a week, now takes us a day. The inventory we manage is tightly controlled by the system, which gives our customers confidence and peace of mind. We have better control over the entire process, which allows me to better manage our entire fulfillment operation.

  • Dave Hedges, Mailers Choice

Things have been going great! Steve Corcoran has been an huge help with all of my requests. At this point we are happy and look forward to learning more of what the system can provide.

  • India Deboise, Access Worldwide

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