• Apr
  • 25
  • 2018

4 Ways Midnight Print & Mail MIS Improves Cash Flow

A positive cash flow is important to every business, but especially those that are small to midsize such as most print and mail companies. Several operations must be coordinated to ensure timely and accurate job billing, and Midnight Print & Mail v 6.0 has the powerful and integrated systems that deliver just that. There are four ways that Midnight supports your business operations and supports improved cash flows and these are:

  1. Accurate Estimates. Every estimate must provide an accurate and complete job estimate to ensure that there are no missed tasks or unassigned costs that could result in client complaints and late payments. Midnight’s platform allows you to estimate any project type and integrate all types of job and work functions into the document. The result is a comprehensive estimate that transforms into a work order and ultimately an invoice.
  2. Precise Cost Allocation. Through Midnight, cost allocation is integrated into the work order and every task has an associated, client-specific charge. Everything from print materials to postage is accurately assigned to the project, which assures that the client is billed appropriately and that no expenses are left unallocated and therefore unpaid. Peripheral costs such as postage, pro services, and buyouts are always included from the get-go, so this ability to capture and allocate all costs improves cash flow and supports timely payment.
  3. Improved Workflows. Once the invoice is accepted and converted to a work order, Midnight’s powerful dashboards allow you to schedule and manage the order to maximize production capabilities and reduce overhead and personnel costs. Lower costs for the same output increases cash flow and helps keep the company running at the highest possible profit margin.
  4. Immediate Invoicing. Once the work order is complete, Midnight converts it into a final invoice that accurately reflects all tasks and assigned costs. This process eliminates many of the steps normally required to produce a client billing statement and instead quickly generates an invoice that can be electronically sent for payment. We’ve often seen billing turn-time reduce from weeks to same-day which is always a win for both the supplier and the client.

A positive cash flow begins with the job estimate and ends with the timely delivery of an accurate invoice. With Midnight Print & Mail MIS, this process is fast and accurate, resulting in timely payment and more satisfied customers. Contact Virtual Systems to learn more about Midnight’s positive impact on cash flow or request a demonstration of this powerful system.