• Jun
  • 23
  • 2017

4 Ways Midnight Improves Teamwork

When the Virtual Systems installation teams work with our clients, we enjoy seeing the positive impact the Midnight Print and Mail MIS has on their operations. We’ve also noticed an unanticipated benefit – improved teamwork. Accurate information and the ability to communicate it across all levels of business results in four specific benefits.

  1. Builds Confidence. Through the reporting system, employees can see exactly what they’ve accomplished within a specified timeframe, and others can too. This leads to pride, praise, and a sense of working as a team to achieve success.
  2. Supports Sales. We’ve worked with companies whose sales forces don’t push for new business because they think that production is already at capacity. With the Midnight system, they now see exactly how much capacity is available and sell to fill that gap. This is part of the reason that Midnight users consistently experience increased profits after implementation.
  3. Shows Value. Midnight allows people to see how every employee supports the success of the company. From maximized capacity to client satisfaction, everyone contributes to the business, and our reporting systems shines a light on this value.
  4. Improves Communication. With Midnight, businesses shift from guessing about how things are going to having accurate data. As a result, a significant number of our clients begin holding weekly or quarterly meetings, because they now have points of comparisons (monthly, quarterly and annually) and actionable information they can use to improve operations.

Midnight has many tools that support our clients’ success, including job estimating, scheduling, data capture and job costing, and customer engagement. It also provides accurate information and extensive reporting options that result in improved communication and teamwork. Learn how you can harness the power of Midnight Print and MIS by contacting us today. If you want to experience the possibilities yourself, request a demo video or personalized live demo.