• May
  • 25
  • 2018

3 More Great Midnight Features You Probably Aren’t Using – But Probably Should (Part 2)

Midnight Print & Mail MIS is an intuitive system that helps your business run smarter and more efficiently. If you are like most of our users, you have your favorite modules which are used on a daily basis to help your business thrive, but there are some aspects of the system that you haven’t accessed. In this second part of our 2 part series, we want to share 3 more great features that you probably aren’t using but should.

  1. Issue Tracking. Even the best-run business experiences bumps in their operations. Using the issue tracking feature, you can track problems that occurred on a job and capture the cost of that mistake. The system provides management reports on a monthly basis so you can track the frequency of the problems. With this information, you can apply corrections beginning with the issues that occur most frequently or cause the biggest hit to your bottom line. Once those are resolved, you can move on to addressing the next issue, and the one after that. With this information, you can now respond to problems rather than simply reacting to them, and create long-term solutions that save you time and money.  
  2. Group Billing. Similar to the contract pricing we reviewed in part 1 of this series, group billing condenses a complicated work order into a streamlined invoice. This function transforms the minutia into billing content that is simple and pleasing for the customer. Rather than overwhelming your client with too much information that leads to time-consuming question/answer sessions, they now have an easy-to-read and understand invoice. Ultimately, this feature reduces payment lag time and improves cash flow.
  3. Employee – Active Jobs. This lesser-known widget on the dashboard is an effective tool used by production and operations managers, as well as business owners, to oversee and review employee workloads. Employee Actions presents a list of all employees who are jobbed and working, as well as which machines are being run and how long they have been active. It provides a quick, clean visual of who is working on a specific project and machine at any given moment, as well as an overview of what an employee accomplished during their workday. This widget is perfect for production planning because you can use it to assess an employee’s current or future availability, monitor employees’ productivity, and better allocate your personnel and hardware resources.

If you would like to learn more about these amazing features, contact Virtual Systems through the user support portal or contact your customer service representative. For those in the print and mail industry who want to learn more about the power and flexibility of Midnight Print & Mail MIS, contact us today or request a demo.