• May
  • 22
  • 2018

3 Great Midnight Features You Probably Aren’t Using – But Should (Part 1)

Midnight Print & Mail MIS is a dynamic, powerful system that improves operations, consolidates tasks, and has a great ROI. While our users receive extensive training and support on our system, there are some features that are generally neglected. These powerful tools can make life easier for our customers so we want to take this opportunity to remind you of these resources.

  1. Customer Portal. This add-on feature allows your clients to go online, either with a computer or mobile device, to see critical information about their project, including:
    • Job Status
    • Inventory Balances
    • Postage Balances
    • Estimate requests
    • Online Proofing

    The client can also approve a print job online and stay in the know. The power is in their hands and reduces the time you spend addressing status questions and other queries. It is a win-win for both of you.

  2. Barcode Inventory. This app takes inventory management to a new level. It runs on iPod touch, iPad, iPhone, and iPad Mini. Simply use the camera on the device to scan barcodes and take pictures when you receive an item into inventory. Next, scan the barcode when the item is used for a specific order. This image is now embedded into the work order and will appear whenever someone accesses it and when the invoice is created. With this app, both you and the customer can see exactly what products were used on a project. You can also wirelessly print the skid barcode which you can attach to a product for additional inventory control.
  3. Contract Pricing. With customers, it can be challenging to balance giving them the information they want and providing too much. Midnight saves you time by translating the work order into the invoice, but sometimes the multiple line items can confuse the client. The contract pricing tool tracks individual costs behind the scenes but presents a streamlined breakdown in the final invoice. This function is especially useful for transaction mail customers when the print, mail and postage are quoted for one price.

Midnight users already appreciate the benefits they receive from the system, and we hope these tips will enhance their experience. If you have questions about any of these functions, please use the support portal and a customer service representative will be happy to help. If you are new to Midnight Print & Mail MIS please contact us or request a demo to learn how this flexible and powerful system can enhance your business.