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With Midnight you can drive your whole business from the web, mobilize your sales force, streamline your projects and please your customers.

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Midnight Features You'll Love

  • Web Based
    Midnight is 100% browser based and can be run from either the cloud or on premise at your location. All your data is backed-up in the cloud for ultimate security. Access your information from anywhere using tablets and mobile devices.
  • Ease of Use
    Take a job from estimate to invoice with fewer steps than ever. Estimate any job from print to mail to wide format - using a straight forward approach, while retaining the sophistication of print calculators and wizards. Convert your estimates into orders with the click of a button and vise-versa. Jobs can easily be closed and invoiced, and invoices may be emailed to customers on the fly.
  • Dashboards
    With dashboards that are streamlined for ease of use and functionality, managing your workflow becomes intuitive. Users can create work queues and customize a set of four screens to easily see and manage their daily activities. Much of the workflow can be automated, reducing errors and increasing productivity.
  • Mobile Devices
    With midnight you can put the power of your MIS in the palm of your hands using our mobile dashboards. Sales people, project managers, and business owners can gain critical insights with information served up on their phones and tablets. You're going to love how easy it is to follow up projects using this feature.
  • Dynamic Job Boards
    With Midnight's unique dynamic job board module you can prioritize tasks, assign work, track time, print job schedules, update jobs, and create LCD panel views for your production areas. It's 6 tools rolled up in one.
  • Proofing Portal
    With Midnight's proofing portal you can manage the entire proofing process online and track the progress of all of your proofs from one central screen. Clients can sign off on proofs within the system and approved files will automatically attach to the job. Meanwhile the proof sender is automatically notified of the approval progress via email.
  • Web Services API
    Our toolkit includes a compete web services API/programming interface to allow integration with 3rd party applications. Most importantly, you will be able to design automated workflows to eliminate manual entry and increase productivity.
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“After reviewing a number of MIS systems, we chose to implement Midnight software and have since found it to be the ideal platform on which to run and grow this segment of our business.”
  • Matthew Fest, President, American Visual Brands
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