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  • 03
  • 2013

Why your business needs Midnight software?

Business workplaceStaying up to date and accurate is crucial in competitive printing, mailing and marketing industries can be a challenge. Keeping up with inventory, project status, correct pricing structures and client information can be overwhelming. But Midnight Software from Virtual Systems will save you the headaches and confusion and get you and your team on the same page. Midnight print and mail software delivers powerful tools for creating estimates, improving productivity and tracking production. The Midnight suite of software from Virtual System can also help your printing, mailing or mass marketing operation create schedules, manage customer relationships and improve order fulfillment.

More Efficient Operations

Running Midnight print management software will make your business more efficient and reduce the need for customer service representation, warehouse employees and other staff. Midnight software let’s you do more with less, creating savings that you’ll see in the bottom line. Our satisfied customers report that Midnight software has helped them save up to $30,000 in annual operating and labor costs.

Less Labor and Keystroke Entry

Midnight software from Virtual Systems will save your printing, mailing or marketing service money by giving you more control over pricing and project management. Instead of being trapped in spreadsheets and manually entering data, your employees can be increasing sales, building client relationships or focusing on minimizing errors and delays in the production process.


Midnight software is rated highly by our customers because it is both easy-to-use while also offering control over several aspects of your operations. The convenient dashboard interface will put detailed information at your fingertips, like inventory, scheduling, purchase orders, customer information and fulfilment status. And using a detailed pricing matrix, Midnight software also offers superior pricing and estimating functions, letting your sales team quote accurate prices and get your team moving ahead on projects. Plus, Midnight software’s online interface gives you and your employees the ability to access this information through an Internet browser or our app for smartphones and tablets.

Customer Service

Most importantly, Virtual Systems follows up any of its software systems with top-notch support. Our trainers can come onsite to your business and make sure your operations are fully integrated. Some businesses have unique circumstances, and our experts have experience tackling these problems and are ready to meet the challenges of implementation. Our professionals want your business getting the most from the features that make Midnight software the leading print management solution for mailing, fulfillment, printing and marketing firms.