• Nov
  • 25
  • 2013

Why Are Traditional Print Sales People Struggling With Business Development?

businessAs 2013 comes to a close and each of us considers how well we achieved the goals and objectives we set for the year, we are reminded of the myriad of challenges and obstacles that impacted our level of accomplishments. Throughout this year I have been sharing my thoughts about the specific challenges resulting from the many talent management issues that we  cope with. This experience has motivated me to carefully study how the evolving role of the sales professional continuously impacts  revenue generation strategies.

While too many companies continue to be taking a “business as usual” approach when it comes to their sales programs (and sales people) there are companies that are acting more proactively and searching for new approaches in their sales program structure as well as their search for the next generation of sales talent. When one studies this issue from a broader perspective, looking at a range of industries (not just printing), it becomes quite clear that this problem is much more wide spread.

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