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  • 01
  • 2014

Why Web-Based Software is better than Traditional Software

photodune-6426824-cloud-xsAnytime you check your email or online banking, you are using web-based software. You are simply going through your web-browser to open the website  and complete what work you need done. Unlike the days of CDs, downloads, or  upgrades, everything is automatic, easier, and safer for you. Everything is  kept in one central location, and the company’s IT personnel are in charge of  ensuring the website works properly. Before the days of web-based software,  data was saved on laptops, USB drives, or portable hard drives.

Because not  all computers are up to date with security upgrades, many users fail to back  their computers up properly, and laptops are stolen potentially containing  confidential information, using traditional software to upgrade your computer  is not as safe and secure as it once seemed. This is why the most up-to-date  corporations now rely on and use web-based software for their computer-based  operating systems.

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