• Mar
  • 08
  • 2015

Ways to Attract Millennials to your Printing Company

people in the crowdPrinting companies ignoring Millennials are often taking risks.  The older Millennials are turning 30, and in many cases already own their own companies.  Some, such as Mark Zukerberg’s Facebook is among the biggest corporations in the world.  The Millennials are the future of corporate America, and need to be taken seriously and targeted for business.

Many Millennials still comfortably engage with their favorite brands, though choose to be selective regarding loyalty.  This age group, a generation larger in size than the mid-20th Century Baby Boomers, expects businesses to honor the promises of their brands, which often frustrates companies used to people who will take what they can get.  Here are seven things Millennials look for when trying to find the right printing company.

  1. Communicate with Millennials through direct mail
  2. Be willing to help Millennials correct their mistakes.
  3. Invest money in innovative product packaging.
  4. Be easy to locate via the internet.
  5. Utilize social media to service Millennials.
  6. Ensure the website can be used as easily through a mobile device as through a regular computer.
  7. Stand out from the other competitors in the marketplace.

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