• Feb
  • 21
  • 2011



Accurate warehouse management is a vital element of many service level agreements in the fulfillment industry. Achieving high-levels of accuracy requires solid business practices and conformance with them.

Midnight Fulfillment has been designed to enable the highest levels of accuracy via a disciplined system workflow and complete transaction history. The application not only provides the business practice necessary for tight inventory control, it also ensures conformance by requiring operators to follow them. Shortcuts are not allowed.


  • Inventory transactions recorded for any change to an inventory quantity or warehouse location
  • Automated process to instruct warehouse personnel from where and how much to pick of any item for order fulfillment. Warehouse pulls are generated based on predefined business rules (e.g. FIFO)
  • Warehouse inquiry tool to find specific items in the warehouse
  • Tools to manipulate such as move, split or merge skids
  • Bar coded skid flags
  • Inventory cycle count and adjustment tools