• Dec
  • 19
  • 2017

Virtual Systems Releases Powerful Print & Mail MIS Midnight v. 6.0 Increases Speed and User Customization Options

Bellevue, Washington, December 19, 2017

Virtual Systems delivers a powerful management information system that supports the unique needs of print and mail shops throughout North America. Their newest release, Midnight 6.0, enhances its innovative platform to help businesses succeed in an ever-changing market.

“Unlike many print and mail software companies, we have consistently updated our product to meet customer needs, address market changes, and capitalize on technological innovations,” explained Virtual Systems founder and CEO Chris Huber. “This latest version enhances our core product and gives our users improved access to information and expanded opportunities for customization.”

Midnight Print & Mail MIS is one of the best tools available to accurately identify costs and assign them to specific projects or overhead categories, as well as manage workflows. The reporting system produces standardized and customized reports that provide the information owners need to manage projects, reduce costs, and increase profits. The new release increases the speed of the system and adds several new and updated features that improve efficiencies and data access.

“The goal of the update is to give our users more flexibility and opportunities to customize their views, calendars, and systems with ease,” Mr. Huber stated. “Many of our modules now include split screens and split task screens to that information can be accessed and actions taken without the need to open a new pop-up window.” This ability to customize the system includes unlimited number of widgets per dashboard screen, personalized calendar views, and more.

Power and flexibility have always been the focus of Virtual Systems products. Midnight Print & Mail MIS is cloud-based, allowing users and their customers to access it from almost anywhere and on any device. The system seamlessly integrates with other programs which eliminates redundancies and enhances performance. Midnight 6.0 capitalizes on these capabilities through enhanced features and customizations.

Virtual Systems is committed to providing the best product and customer service in the industry. We recently updated our Midnight Print & Mail MIS to assure it provides the tools and flexibility our clients need to achieve success. Contact us today to learn more about Midnight, request a demo, or learn when the Midnight Bus will be in your area.