• Mar
  • 06
  • 2012

Virtual Systems Releases Next-Generation Virtual Kiosk Solution

Virtual Systems Releases Next-Generation Virtual Kiosk Solution

Virtual Systems Corp., creator of Mail-Shop and Digi-Shop software solutions for direct mail and printing, announced the release of its breakthrough Virtual Kiosk shop-floor data-collection system. The new Virtual Kiosk, a biometric touch-screen appliance and application interface, is distinguished by its unsurpassed ease of use and innovative technological features. The Virtual Kiosk adds greater levels of versatility and security that dramatically improves the effectiveness of shop-floor data collection and reporting.

Shop-floor data collection has long been a critical step in managing profitability, but getting employees to track their own productivity has proven to be highly problematic, said Chris Huber, CEO and President of Virtual Systems. By combining the time-clock and job tracking into a single system, the Virtual Kiosk can match the hours paid to hours worked. Furthermore, Virtual Kiosk makes it simple to ensure employees are accountable and for managers to get accurate reporting with minimal interference to their daily work.

A key element to the Virtual Kiosk is a tracking component that utilizes biometric fingerprint-scanning technology to positively identify employees.

Advantages of biometric fingerprint matching include:

  • No unauthorized overtime punches, early-in punches and buddy punching
  • Faster clock-ins on shop floor
  • More reliable performance, even in real-world shop environments
  • Unparalleled information security
  • No punch cards, barcodes or badges