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  • 13
  • 2017

Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing and Print & Mail MIS System

Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Print & Mail MIS System

Whether you have specific workflow problems or need a better customer interface, it’s time to choose a print and mail MIS system to help manage and grow your business. Avoid buyer’s remorse by sidestepping these common mistakes.

#1 A Narrow Focus

Too many people select a system based on a specific need rather than the operations of the entire company. The result is a product that is unusable outside that narrow focus and thus underutilized by the staff. Define your needs, wants and goals before considering your product options.

#2 The Wrong Decision Maker

The selection of your print and mail MIS system is not a job for Stan in IT. This software will impact every aspect of your business, and the decision maker must be someone with a broader perspective of your needs and goals.

#3 They Don’t Talk to Each Other

Don’t wait until you’ve purchased and installed the best print and mail MIS on the planet only to discover it doesn’t integrate with your accounting or inventory systems. Identify which systems you plan to tie to your new software, and make sure it’s a match made in heaven.

#4 The Price Isn’t the Price

The software is installed and you’ve paid the bill – but wait, there’s more.  When selecting your software, be sure to budget for the total cost of the system, including employee training, ongoing support and maintenance.

#5 The Vendor Leaves the Party

The new system hasn’t been used in the last three months because there is a glitch that no one can fix. Your vendor rep has disappeared and their company isn’t interested in helping. Don’t be left stranded like this. Find a vendor that wants a long-term relationship with your business and is committed to helping you grow.

With Virtual Systems you avoid these mistakes and enhance your operations. We have been in the commercial printing industry since 1996 and partner with our customers to support their success. You can request a demo or download our print MIS ROI calculator.