• Sep
  • 19
  • 2013

Tips for Purchasing Print MIS Software


Printers in today’s competitive marketplace must be able to manage and monitor all aspects of their operations. Print management information system (MIS) software can help printers keep on top of it all, but with so many software and technology options on the market, how can printers evaluate what solutions is the best for their business. There are many systems available on the market today.  One example is Virtual Systems Midnight – a print MIS software product that gives companies a powerful web based tool for creating estimates, tracking production, scheduling and improving overall productivity.

Before purchasing any print MIS software product, here are some tips on how to evaluate the different options.

Tip 1: Evaluate how print MIS software fits with your operations.

Printers and their sales staff should be able to stay up-to-date about all aspects of their operation and be ready to inform clients and customers about pricing, scheduling and availability. An effective print MIS software system will let printers create estimates, manage projects and invoice customers, all from a single screen.

Virtual Systems Midnight offers both cost plus and line item pricing that can be used together in a single estimate.  This makes for a powerful quoting tool and the resulting estimates can be customized for the specific needs of the customer to create beautiful estimates, which can be emailed out from any device at a moment’s notice. Printers can use Midnight to place orders, manage all warehouse and print shop inventory and track the progress of any ongoing projects. And when the project is done, Midnight makes invoicing easy by keeping track of all information; from orders to postage to labor costs so all details are collected for the final invoice.

Tip 2: Look for flexibility.

Printers need a print MIS software system that can grow with their business. Without a print MIS system that’s scalable and flexible, print shop owners may not be able to fully utilize new equipment, products and services that they’ve added to their business. Virtual Systems Midnight software feature an web based architecture that makes adding and upgrading modules and components easy. Midnight’s adaptability makes it easy for printers to grow the most profitable parts of their business, while also minding the typical profit centers.  There are features to support international data formats.  And since it is cloud based – Midnight can scale to virtually any size of operation.

Tip 3: Check for compatibility.

In order to manage billing, print MIS software should be able to integrate with your business’ accounting system. This will not only help save time, but eliminate the unavoidable errors that occur from manually entering account data into the system, or creating workarounds for a legacy print MIS accounting module that no longer fits your needs. Virtual Systems Midnight software helps printers avoid these errors and helps them save time by making it easy to share accounting information several outside accounting applications.  Midnight is compatible with QuickBooks, Peachtree, MAS90, MYOB, Microsoft Dynamics GP, and several other accounting applications.