• Aug
  • 10
  • 2016

Streamlining Print Estimating with Templates

We all know that print estimating is a complicated process. The infinite variables make knowing what to expect almost impossible. Chances are though, that you have a core group template 1of products that you sell that you do pretty much the same way every time you produce them. Or maybe you do the job 90% the same way every time but change just a few of the variables such as paper or ink. These cases are a perfect opportunity to gain some efficiency using print product templates.

In Midnight, Print Product Templates allow the user to pre select as many or as few of the options available for a print job as necessary. This means that if you have pretty experienced estimators or sales people then they are free to select the options as needed. But if you have a team that can sell print but doesn’t know the difference between a Konica C8000 and a Heidelberg, templates are an essential tool.

If a template is filled out in its entirety a person with absolutely no print knowledge can select a product from a list, enter a quantity and get a quote. This eliminates the need to wait on an estimator in many cases. With this new flexibility you could as much as double or triple the throughput of estimates moving through your business. This added flexibility means more jobs getting estimated faster, resulting in more jobs won adding to your bottom line.


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