• Aug
  • 10
  • 2017

Solutions to the Print Industry’s Biggest Challenges

Most print and mail companies experience significant challenges in three specific areas: inventory management, purchase order processing, and postage accounting. At Virtual Systems, our implementation team often refers to these as the “Hot Mess” problems, because they can be difficult for business owners to resolve, and they impact many other aspects of the operations. Our Midnight Print & Mail MIS has the powerful solutions to eliminate these issues, increase productivity, and lower costs.

  • Inventory Management. Inventory management is critical to operations and cost containment. Our inventory module allows you to easily manage all inventory items, including house stock, internal supplies, and client-owned materials. With this program, you can perform cycle counts, order products online, and view inventory levels. You can also track material and storage costs. In addition, our Midnight Bar Code Inventory App allows you to track and receive inventory using any iOS device.
  • Purchase Order Processing. Our purchase order system allows you to maintain all of your vendors in one place, and create, edit and manage your purchase orders from a single screen. With Midnight, you can also attach your purchase order to the orders for improved job cost tracking.
  • Postage Accounting. Tracking postage to a specific job is necessary for accurate billing and cost management and Midnight’s postage accounting system allows you to track postage for jobs, customers, escrow accounts, meters, and permit accounts. You can also track and report postage inventory, as well as create postage reports for internal and customer use. To increase flexibility, we have integrated our system with several leading postage programs, allowing you to eliminate dual entries and logins.


Take a new approach to the common business roadblocks with the Midnight Print and Mail MIS. This system also provides the tools you need to successfully manage all print and mail operational process to increase efficiencies, reduce costs, and improve performance. To learn more about this powerful system contact us, request a demo, or ask the Midnight Bus to stop by your building, for a full, hands-on experience.