• Oct
  • 13
  • 2014

Social Media’s Reach an Opportunity for Print, Mail Shops

photodune-4404793-social-network-xsMore and more, adults are adopting social networking into their life and business. Research is showing many interesting statistics on social media users and how they interact with the technology. A study by the Pew Research Internet Project shows that 73 percent of online adults are using social media. Facebook is the most used platform for social networking. But it’s far from the only one and adults are migrating to other emerging social media sites. What researchers are discovering is that many users of social media are using a diverse number of networks.

Most Popular Social Media Sites

The Pew study showed that Facebook was the most popular social media site, with 71 percent of adults using the site. However, after Facebook, the commitment to a social media network fragments. Next most popular is LinkedIn, at 22 percent, Pintrest at 21 percent, Twitter at 18 percent and Instagram at 17 percent. The study breaks down how usage varies between different groups. Facebook and Instagram have the highest level of engagement, with users checking in on average every day. Facebook gets the most engagement, with 63 percent of users visiting it at least once a day and 40 percent visiting several times. Though smaller in number, users of Instagram and Twitter showed likely to visit those pages several times a day.


There are also demographic differences in the groups that use these social media platforms. Facebook has a diverse group of users. LinkedIn is the social network of choice for recent graduates, high-income users and business-oriented communications. Twitter and Instagram are more popular with younger adults and in urban areas. There is also significant overlap between these two groups of users.

Reach Gen Xers with Facebook

In a study by eMarketer,  Facebook showed to be the social network of choice for Generation X. Three quarters of those born between 1965 and 1980 — so-called Gen Xers — log into a social network at least monthly. Because Gen Xers use Facebook so consistently, it makes them as a group easy to reach. However, if you’re experimenting with other social network platforms, the study shows you’re unlikely to find Generation Xers there, as they are much less likely to venture into new social networking sites.

Using Social Media for Printing and Mailing

As a printer or mailer, your business has to be prepared to communicate with customers through more than just the more traditional means with which you focus. Think in terms of incorporating social media ideas into your product offerings, allowing your customers to easily integrate traditional print and mailing services along with their social networking. Technology like QR codes and geo-tagging can help merge print and Internet technology. Of course, it will be crucial for you to keep your own company’s brand active on these social networks as well, to build both credibility and to compete for the customers in this space.