Order Management

Mail-Shop Order Management assists you in the creation and tracking of orders and jobs as they flow through your shop. The order management module utilizes the same services and wizards that were used to generate your estimate pricing as instructions for your work orders. Your Customer Service team can build work orders with instructions broken out by user-defined departments and attach materials required for each job. Work order reports communicate all necessary information to operators, production management, and warehouse personnel.

Features of Mail-Shop Order Management include:

  • Single-click creation of order from estimates allows all data to be transferred from estimate
  • Copy existing work orders to save time on repeat jobs
  • Link required material components to be used on the job
  • Enter department-specific job instructions
  • Print job jacket documentation (work orders, staging tags, materials requisition, etc.)
  • Build multiple package or version jobs into a single work order
  • Track postage affixed on the job
  • Link pertinent documents to the work order for others to view
  • Track order progress through your shop
  • Create invoices directly from the work order details