• Oct
  • 27
  • 2017

Overcome Doubts and Increase Income with Midnight

To stay competitive in today’s print and mail industry, you should change your software system every 10 years, unless your provider continually updates their program. Advances in technology and coding capabilities have resulted in new, powerful print and mail management information systems that outshine older systems in every function. Despite the many benefits of newer systems, many companies cling to their old programs because:

  • They have a “why fix it if it isn’t broken” mentality.
  • Their business isn’t growing so why change?
  • The current system is customized to their needs and it is daunting to make a change.

We have several Midnight Print and Mail MIS clients who overcame these concerns and realized that they made the right decision. They learned that:

  • It fixes things owners didn’t know were broken. Issues with scheduling estimating, supply management and more, were overlooked or seen as normal under the old system. Once these business owners experienced the power of Midnight, they wished they had converted to this system years ago.
  • Midnight will drive their success for the next 10 years. Midnight features, such as job estimation tools, scheduling features, and inventory management help them generate more income and save money in ways that were not possible with their old program.
  • The system improves workflows and eliminates redundancies. During the implementation process, many companies identify inefficient processes and redundant tasks that are eliminated with Midnight. They experience improved efficiencies, which allows them to increase workloads and generate additional revenue.
  • Midnight Provides Increased Flexibility. Midnight’s cloud-based system means that it can be accessed from anywhere and from nearly any device. This flexibility allows owners, managers, and others to continually oversee processes, manage revenues, and input orders from any location. In addition, the client portal makes edits and approvals a breeze.
  • The Cost is Not a True Expense. Owners who finally choose to make the switch to Midnight realize that it isn’t a true expense because it eliminates future costs. Most businesses experience an ROI in 6 months, and 10 times over in 5 years.

Virtual Systems is committed to providing the best product and customer service in the industry. We recently updated our Midnight Print & Mail MIS to assure it provides the tools and flexibility our clients need to achieve success. Contact us today to learn more about Midnight, request a demo, or learn when the Midnight Bus will be in your area.