• Feb
  • 05
  • 2018

New Dynamic Job Board Keeps Everyone On the Same Page

White magnetic status boards are still used by print and mail businesses across the country to track the status of projects in their shop. Employees like the bright colors and the ability to move the magnetic piece across the board as a project transfers to the next phase of the process. Despite its universal appeal, these status boards often lag behind the real-time location of the project and can only be seen by someone standing in front of it.

At Virtual Systems, we have transformed this system into a user interface that looks just like the whiteboard but can do so much more, including:

  • Be Viewed Anywhere. Our cloud-based system allows everyone, from the technician working in the shop to the sales staffer across town, to view the screen in real time. Everyone everywhere can see the status of a project at a glance.
  • Eliminate Lag Time. As a project moves through the system, its status can be updated with a push of a button. Everyone now has an accurate, real-time picture of the project status, which can improve staff allocations, machine usage and other resource distributions.
  • Customize to Your Needs. There are some “whiteboard” status systems on the market, but with those what you see is what you get. We understand that what works for one business doesn’t fit another. For this reason, our dynamic scheduling board is completely customizable to fit your resources, business communication styles, and typical flow patterns.
  • Improve Efficiencies. Since the job board can be viewed on every screen, from computers to smartphones, employees don’t need to huddle in front of it to figure out what to do next. This access reduces work hour waste and improves overall efficiencies in the company.
  • Easy to Use. Some employees balk at using new systems, which is why we’ve kept the look and feel of a physical scheduling board. Seeing the familiar makes it easy to understand, which improves employee acceptance and, eventually, the company’s bottom line.

We recently released our Midnight v. 6.0 and the positive user response has been overwhelming. The Dynamic Job Board is just one of many new and updated features of our system. Whether you are a current user or have never tried Midnight Print & Mail MIS, request a demo to see the added power and flexibility of our system, or contact us to learn more.