• Oct
  • 19
  • 2017

Midnight Users Help Improve our Software

Midnight Users Help Improve our Software
We believe that our Midnight Print and Mail MIS is the most robust and flexible system on the market, but we are always working to improve it. Our goal is to serve our customers the best way we know how, and that includes updating our system to meet changing needs, address marketing demands, or improve operational efficiencies. We can’t-do this in a vacuum, which is why we love to hear suggestions and requests from our clients. This allows us to:
Address a glitch. Our hands-on users are more likely to catch a glitch or notice an issue within the system than our staff, and sharing their experiences allows us to make the necessary changes. We value this feedback and encourage all users to contribute to the process.
Add new features. Some clients request a customized report, feature, or process, and we accommodate them whenever possible. Sometimes these requests result in something so amazing that we incorporate it into our system. For this reason, if you need a customization, please ask. We can’t always address the issue the way you’d prefer, but we will try, and who knows what will happen?
Improve our training. Sometimes we hear a request or suggestion for a process or report that is already included in our system. These situations give us an opportunity to provide the additional training and support the client needs, as well as review our own implementation processes to assure that the topic is not overlooked.
Access an underused module. According to our implementation team, our Issue Tracking Module can address many of the requests we receive for a process assessment, but it is one of the most underutilize ones in our system. The Issue Tracking Module allows you to look back at what went wrong with a specific order, identify the weak links in the system, and resolve them. Using this valuable information, you can support the ongoing improvement in your operations, or access our support portal for targeted assistance in resolving the problem.
We are passionate about supporting our clients, and learning what they need to support the success of their businesses is a critical part of this process. We say thank you to everyone who has contributed to our systems and invite others to share their thoughts with us. If you are unfamiliar with our Midnight Print and Mail MIS, please contact us, request a demo, or visit our Midnight Bus to learn about this powerful system designed to support your success.