With Midnight, you can drive your whole business from the web, mobilize your sales force, streamline your projects and please your customers.

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Web Based

A fully browser based management platform

Midnight is 100% browser based and can be run from either the cloud or on premise at your location. When you use Midnight, all of your data is backed-up in the cloud for ultimate security. You can access your information from anywhere using tablets and mobile devices. With easy-to-use dashboards and interfaces, companies using Midnight can easily manage all facets of their business. While you may already have a system to manage your business, Midnight is designed specifically to help your company grow beyond the confines of traditional print and mail, mobilize your workforce, and have access to the information from anywhere using tablets and mobile devices. Our revolutionary technology allows companies to leverage their investments to gain a competitive advantage and ultimately please customers.



Midnight’s dashboards create work queues for users to manage their daily activities. Each user can have a set of four customized screens that relate to their job roles. Midnight can automate work flow, thus eliminating the need for manual order entry when accepting files via FTP, Hot Folder, Network Share, Email and Web Upload. Web services can be called to trigger a template in Midnight that automatically creates new orders. Utilizing work-flow automation eliminates manual entry steps, reduces errors and increases productivity.



Midnight’s CRM module allows your sales team to manage both prospects and customer accounts. With a click of a button, a CSR can view open estimates, open orders, and contact history - all within a single page. Furthermore, estimates and orders can be followed up remotely from tablet devices and smart phones. Midnight enables your local and remote teams to better manage customer data and relationships.


For even more versatility, Midnight can integrate with your Salesforce.com CRM so both systems can work together seamlessly.


Estimating, Orders & Billing

Midnight allows users to estimate anything; the platform is designed to integrate all types of job or work functions. Company profit centers store services that allow users to build job tasks. Every estimate can easily be converted to work orders and all task become scheduled job requirements to be completed for each job. Whether your company focuses on Mailing, Printing, Design, Fulfillment or other related types of jobs, Midnight is designed to enable your team to readily create estimates and orders and manage them through the final invoice to your customers.

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Accounting System Interface

Midnight has integrations with all of the leading accounting systems to give you the edge of a best of breed approach.

Create and Customize reports

Ad Hoc Reporting: Clone or create your own custom reports. Midnight includes a robust report editor to help you further leverage your data. By building your own reports in the system, you can take full control of your information and please your stakeholders. Midnight's report editor is fully web based and comes with detailed user documentation. The system also comes with many standard reports in addition to the Ad Hoc reporting capabilities.

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Purchase Orders

Within Midnight, you can create, edit, and manage purchase orders. With just a few clicks, you can print and email purchase orders to your vendors. Also included is the ability to attach POs to orders for better tracking of job costs. Midnight users are also able to maintain all of their vendors in our unified system.


Inventory & Barcode

Within Inventory, you can manage inventory items. Whether you are tracking house stock, client owned materials, and/or internal supplies, Midnight’s inventory module will afford you the ability to track and report on the items in your warehouse. You can perform cycle counts, order and view inventory online and track material and storage costs for your business.

The Midnight Bar Code Inventory App allows you to receive and track inventory using iOS devices such as iPod touch, iPad, iPhone, and iPad Mini. You can capture images of each item at point of receipt; search for inventory by customer, part# or location; and assign slots, track pulls and movements using Wi-Fi or 3G/4G connection.


Scheduling & Dynamic Job Boards

The Midnight system includes robust scheduling and project management capabilities. We’ve included automated scheduling for both press and machine jobs. There are different levels of scheduling, allowing you to keep your schedule broad or drill down to personnel and machines. The software includes multiple scheduling views where you can easily drag and drop jobs from one machine to another. Your team can readily view and update status on orders. There are several scheduling reports you can print by due date and department. If you have Midnight, you will be able to prioritize workloads as well as perform capacity planning on machines and resources.

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Postage Accounting

Midnight includes comprehensive postage accounting and postage tracking abilities: You can track postage for: jobs, customers, escrow accounts, meters and permit accounts. You may record postage receipts and disbursements. With Midnight, you may record postage statement breakdown for each mailing you perform. You can track and report on postage inventory. The system allows you to create postage reports for internal and customer use. In addition, we integrate with several leading postage programs which allows you to eliminate keystroke errors from dual entry.


Proofing Portal

The Midnight Online Proofing Portal is a software tool within the Midnight Print & Mail Management system designed to automate the submission, review and approval of design proofs between users of the software and their customers. Using the software, you can submit proofs through a web portal where the recipient can view and download proofs. This streamlines the proofing process as both you and your customer are working together in one system. Providing improved communication and documenting all correspondences within the proofing module allows companies the ability to have real-time status updates and detailed reporting statics. Midnight has adopted the online proofing process as an effective alternative to more cumbersome methods of communication: email, in-person meetings and web conferencing, additionally giving companies the ability to reduce the number of tracking and reporting systems through and integrated platform.


Midnight API

Our Web Services API is a toolkit that enables fully automated workflows and integration with 3rd party applications. Most importantly – you will be able to design template workflows to eliminate manual entry and increase productivity. Virtual Systems has several built-in integrations, but if you use our API, the options are limitless.


Mobile Dashboards & Online Reporting

Midnight includes a robust module that enables you to modify the reporting capabilities to your ever-changing needs. The Web Reporting Services allows you to create and distribute custom data views and reports for key clients and products. Advanced views may contain drill-downs, sub-grids and images as needed.

The Mobile App allows managers and employees to view critical information that enable more responsive decision. Using the app, you can quickly view pertinent information such as your open estimates and open orders as well as review data from the system. Customers can request quotes, receive job status and view inventory.

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Shop Floor Data Capture & Job Costing

Midnight Job Costing enables you to track and report on labor, costs, and consumables on jobs. Employees can track progress on work using the manually or with touch-screen terminals on the shop floor. Floor terminals can double as a time-clock.

The Midnight Shop Floor Data Capture allows you to track employee print and production time in real-time using kiosk, workstation and mobile devices. With this module, you will be able to track time spent on each job and manage time-clock entry for individuals. The Shop Floor module also integrates with your Dynamic Job Board enabling you to better track jobs and manage your schedules in a live environment.


Midnight Storefront / web-2-print

Midnight Storefront: Online storefront that is flexible, dynamic and user friendly. Your storefront can work for B2B or B2C. The site includes print personalization features and complete print sales and services features. Storefront orders integrate into your Midnight system and eliminate redundant data entry of orders.

Using the Midnight Storefront, you can grow your business and ordering options without having to manage multiple systems.


Midnight Fulfillment

Midnight Fulfillment is a fulfillment management system designed to allow your organization to quickly implement a robust web based solution to meet the needs of your fulfillment customers.

Whether you are building a new fulfillment program or looking to improve your fulfillment services offering, Midnight Fulfillment will help you transform your operation.

Built by experienced fulfillment industry professionals using a web-based architecture and the industry standard Microsoft SQL Server database platform, Midnight Fulfillment provides your organization with the flexibility and “ease-of-use” to efficiently run your fulfillment operation.

Key Features:

  • Web based solution available through major web browsers
  • Easy to build web storefronts for your clients
  • Transaction based warehouse management
  • Built-in order management workflow
  • Postage and freight tracking
  • Order entry via web storefronts, batch imports or manual entry
  • Integration with UPS Worldship and FedEx Shipping Manager applications
  • Kit assembly
  • Activity based billing system
  • Standard suite of management reports
  • Web services for integrating with third party shipments and storefronts
  • Hand-held bar code scanner with Wi-Fi connectivity

Customer Portal

Midnight provides you with the ability to streamline customer communication and increase efficiency in how you share data with customers. The Customer Portal is a midnight module that allows you to control visibility of order and inventory status to clients in a manner of your choosing. The portal is a secure site where you can customize what each client has access to in an effort to improve client communication.

The four main modules of the portal include:

  • Customer Service: View open and closed Estimates and Orders; Request a Quote.
  • Inventory: View all inventory items and their current available quantity.
  • Postage: View current postage account balances.
  • Proofs: View and approve proofs.

See what customers are saying

“After reviewing a number of MIS systems, we chose to implement Midnight software and have since found it to be the ideal platform on which to run and grow this segment of our business.”
  • Matthew Fest, President, American Visual Brands

Onboarding New Employees Is Smoother

“Midnight allows us to consolidate processes and simplifies the training process for new employees”
  • Texas

Essential Tool to Run Our Shop

“As an agency that does all of our own production - we use midnight for managing jobs from concept through billing”
  • California

Everything at the Click of a Button

“My favorite things about midnight is its ability to be accessed from wherever you are. From home, from work, from smartphones, it’s so convenient to have it right at your fingertips.”
  • Utah

Central Place to Track Any Job

“We do wide format printing and take orders online through our website. Midnight allows us to consolidate multiple softwares and streamline job tracking throughout the shop.”
  • Arizona

Profits Up by $30k per Year

“Virtual Systems software increased our profits by more than $30k in the first year. I'm really not sure how we got along without it before.”
  • California

Running Our Entire Business on Virtual Systems

“We're a true marketing services provider and use Virtual Systems software to run our entire business.”
  • Washington

Run Our Business from Anywhere in the Cloud

“Midnight is a key part of our strategy to run our entire business from the cloud.”
  • Texas
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