• Apr
  • 05
  • 2018

Meet Darrick Wright – One of Virtual System’s Leading Programmers

Darrick Wright was Virtual Systems first employee and has played a significant role in the company for almost 20 years. He and VS founder Chris Huber met at Washington State University, where they were fraternity brothers and both enrolled in the MIS program. Later, Darrick joined Virtual Systems to fill a vital role. “I am the reason Chris could stop doing development and really focus on growing a business,” Darrick explains.

He describes his role in the company in a unique way. “I’m the computer guy, and one of the leaders of our programming team. I fix and create. I’m more like a general contractor than an architect. I handle a lot of different things.” In this capacity, he worked with the programming team to design Mail Shop, our legacy software system and continues to maintain it for clients who have not converted to Midnight. He is also one of the chief architects behind Midnight Print & Mail MIS, and its recent 6.0 update.

Darrick enjoys working at Virtual Systems for a variety of reasons, including:

  1. The Challenge. “I really like the challenge of finding the best solution to customer problems. Often there are hundreds of potential solutions, but finding the right one for a specific situation is a challenge that I enjoy.” This process also benefits the customer, which is the ultimate goal.
  2. Customer Interactions. “I like helping make their job easier. I love helping a client understand our product and how it makes their businesses more efficient.”
  3. Fixing Root Problems. Sometimes clients don’t really understand an issue that someone is experiencing with our system. “I translate what people want vs. need, and recognize when a band-aid isn’t a viable long-term solution to address a problem. Instead, we have to find the root cause of the situation and fix it so it doesn’t continue to happen.”
  4. System Integrations. “We integrate in-house systems into Midnight or Mail Shop. I am a member of the programming team who makes sure that new customer data is imported into the system. We also transfer data from Mail Shop to Midnight during a conversion.” Both of these platforms include sample data to help new users understand the system, but existing clients don’t need this because they already have their own data. “I know both systems and transferring data from Mail Shop to Midnight is a bigger job and we want to get it done right.”

Darrick Wright plays a lot of roles it the company including architect, firefighter and first aid provider,  but his only focus is providing the best product that exceeds customer expectations. Learn more about Midnight Print & Mail MIS, the most powerful and flexible system on the market. Contact us or request a demo to experience this incredible program and understand how it can streamline and transform your operations.