• Mar
  • 30
  • 2017

How to Make Implementing a New Print MIS System a Breeze

Implementation of a new print MIS system can be a disaster or a breeze, depending on how you manage the process. With the proper preparation of staff, data and workflows, your new system will quickly be operational and everyone will embrace the change.

1. Get Everyone on Board. Prior to the implantation, hold a general meeting to discuss why the change is occurring and its advantages over the current system. Follow up with individual departments, such as accounting and printing, to review the benefits of the new system as it relates to their specific responsibilities. Remind them that training will occur, so they will know how to use it. This should ease concerns and get staff excited about the new MIS system.

2. Get Rid of the Old. This is the perfect time to review and update customer data, pricing, and employee information. Clear away outdated and unnecessary information, so the new system will access only the most current and accurate data.

3. Update the Workflow. Processes change over time. Have your policies and systems kept up with those changes or are they out of date? Conduct an audit of your workflow to get an accurate understanding of its current status, as well as its strengths and weaknesses. Take this opportunity to make changes to the workflow to improve productivity and function, so they can be incorporated into the new system.

4. Appoint a Change Leader. This implementation of the print MIS system isn’t only about technology or the staff, it is a hybrid of the two. Select a leader who can champion the benefits of the new system while addressing the concerns and training needs of the employees.

5. Don’t Stand on the Sidelines. The MIS software company’s implementation team can get your system installed and running, but success lies with the active participation of your leaders and employees. Work with your staff to assign tasks and establish deadlines for implementation, and follow up on their progress.

6. Don’t Waste the Opportunity. You will likely continue to use your old system until the new one is ready to go live. Don’t wait for perfection before switching over. There will always be flaws to fix and bugs to stomp on, but you can’t get to a fully operational system until you go through this in-between phase. Some companies wait too long to switch over, which results in resistance from staff because the old system is still there as a crutch. Make the change, and soon everyone will be comfortable with, and love, the new print MIS system.


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