• Oct
  • 08
  • 2013

Is the Cloud Right For Your Business?

photodune-5750662-cloud-computing-xsThe technology pendulum has swung again and the push for outsourcing network services is firmly headed in the direction of the cloud.  Cloud computing has continued to gain momentum over the past several years. Companies such as HP, Amazon, Rackspace, Google are leading the charge into unlimited storage and unlimited possibilities in the cloud.  Cloud computing is not just a great tool for outside sales and telecommuters, it is becoming an integral part of disaster planning and security compliance in the print and mail industries. The cloud offers flexibility, scalability, and security for print and mail providers.

The question becomes, how can cloud computing benefit your business?

Security – Cloud computing is one of the most secure ways to store information. The companies hosting these services have invested time and money into created secure HIPAA and SSAE16 compliant facilities.

Disaster Recovery – Increasingly RFP’s are requiring concrete disaster recovery programs. Cloud computing companies can provide an well documented plan for both the company and the clients piece of mind.

Virtual Machine – Simplify adding new employees, managing software, and licenses with Virtual Machines in the cloud. VM’s allow businesses to increase technology as growth happens.

Cost Savings – Reduction in the need for onsite IT allows businesses to focus on core competencies.  IT is no longer dependent on a handful of people through managed services options. Reduction of space required to run business operations, as well as a reduction in power, and cooling needs.

Cloud Computing can make improve your companies technology as well as its bottom line.