• Sep
  • 10
  • 2013

Is Color Web Inkjet Right for You?

Outdoor inkjet printerIn the past 4 color on demand printing was cost prohibitive.  Many shops continued down the path of using preprinted shells and lasering on the variable information.  Pre-printed shells present challenges including:

  • Inventory Accountability
  • Stock Rotation
  • Spoilage
  • Limits client ability to change design easily

How many times has a client printed stock only to change it and recycle all the remaining stock? This can create a warehousing nightmare and increased cost due to space and labor requirements to properly keep track of everything.

The advent of web color inkjet is making a white paper shop a reality.  Over the past 10 years inkjet technology has improved significantly. Industry leaders such as HP, Xerox, Super Web and several others are introducing cost competitive quality equipment that mailers and clients more flexibility.  The new group of emerging inkjet web printers are producing vibrant colors and printing as fast as 862 ft per minute. RIPs are becoming more sophisticated and the ability to combine smaller jobs with like attributes to create more efficient runs.

Migrating to this technology is positioning businesses for long term profitability and increased ROI. Web inkjet printing is the next evolution of the print and mail industry. Through the use of web inkjet mailers can save on space, time and money and become truly self-reliant and nimble in the ever changing on-demand world.