• Jun
  • 22
  • 2016

An Interview with Kessler Creative


Formed in 2007, Kessler Creative is one of the leading providers of direct marketing services to clients nationwide. They offer results-driven marketing solutions to marketers, entrepreneurs, franchisees and small & medium businesses that are focused on targeting their ideal consumers with creative, engaging and effective mail campaigns.

We spoke with Dina and Keith Kessler, owners of Kessler Creative about their choice of Midnight for Kessler Creative.




Hi Dina and Keith,

Thank you for taking time to speak to us about your experience with Midnight software.
Q: Please tell us, why did you get Midnight?
We had been using Print and Mail-Shop (aka Digi-Shop) software for the past 5 years.  We decided to upgrade to Midnight because it’s fully cloud based and works on both PCs and Mac. It’s very user friendly. Sales is very excited about getting quotes out to clients very quickly, including cost plus printing quotes. The estimating system is very professional looking.  We also love the ability to do our production scheduling through the new dynamic job board.

Q: What are your top three favorite things about Midnight? 
First of all, it gives me fast professional looking quotes. Secondly, it gives me the ability to understand expected profit on jobs prior to quoting.  Third, it also gives me the ability to manage key aspects of the business from the office or on the road.

Q: Where is the value to your customer? 
They get improved project tracking and efficiencies. Our clients can also go online to proof jobs and view job status.

Q: What does it mean personally for Dina and Keith as business owners? 
We can spend more time working with customers and growing our business because of the automation that the Midnight application provides.

Q:  What do you look for in business partnerships? 
Honesty and integrity, but also the ability to communicate openly whenever opportunities and certain issues arise. 


To view a live demo of Midnight – Click Here