• May
  • 14
  • 2015

Internet Marketing Tips Appropriate for Small Businesses

photodune-2550799-internet-marketing-xsBusinesses today have more methods and locations than ever available for marketing their products and/or services. Narrowing the choices down when resources are limited, as is often the case for small and some middle-sized businesses, though difficult, is also necessary.  Marketing on social media is usually free, though posting takes a lot of time; the same can be said for blogging.  Traditional print and even digital advertising are expensive. So what are the best marketing channels for small businesses?

A group of small business owners along with a number of marketing professionals gathered together to share this list of effective internet marketing strategies for small businesses.

Blogging:  One great marketing strategy for small businesses is blogging.  When you blog, you give information to your clients and prospects in an informative matter without the potential turnoff associated with sales pitches.  This information can then be promoted and shared socially to other networks in order to supplement your strategy.  This allows both you and the members of your team to quickly establish your business as an expert in a sought-after industry.

Leveraging social media:  Your business should begin utilizing social media if it has yet to start.  Social media can provide twice the number of marketing leads you would find through trade shows, direct mail, or telemarketing.  Start with the social media platform your customers are most familiar with, and build yourself a presence.  After you have set up and activated an account, begin sharing your own original content, take part in discussions, and get involved in conversations with your clients.

Designing a Facebook page for your business:  Small businesses will find Facebook to be one of the primary marketing tools they use to increase the size and scope of their client base.  People in the US are on social media an average of one per seven minutes throughout the day, which gives small business owners an opportunity to create and then build upon a relationship that allows fans to share relevant content and to interact through commenting and liking the comments of other fans.  The more interaction and activity that occurs on a given page, the greater chance those who like the page are aware of the latest news at the business.  This encourages your fans to invite their friends to like the page.

Utilize Instagram and Pinterest:  For businesses selling highly visual products and/or services, regularly post your images to Instagram and Pinterest.  These posts are free, and each platform has a large following, especially among women.  You can then drive a significant amount of traffic to your website through these platforms through the utilization of hashtags.  For even more tips, please finish reading the article here.