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  • 04
  • 2014

How Can Mail-Shop Boost My Shop’s Efficiency and Profit Margins?

photodune-4721594-quality-efficiency-and-cost-xsMarketing and mailing companies that rely on direct mail should consider software services that can dramatically improve efficiency and operations. Mail-shop provides direct mail, print and fulfillment services to a full range of print and mailing service providers. Not only is the Mail-Shop suite of software is quick to install and easy to use, it is the best choice choice for making improvements to your operation.

Mail Shop’s Popularity

One reason Mail-Shop is so popular with our customers is because of how it so easily addresses so many common problems that direct mail and print services commonly have.Mail shop helps eliminate duplicate data entry, making it easier to save time and labor hours.For production planning and job scheduling, Mail-Shop will help streamline the process and get your entire team on the same page.

Improved Finances

For invoice distribution and collection, Mail-Shop will improve turn around, making collection a smoother and easier process, improving your financial operations. Mail-Shop offers manual postage reconciliation, which can help business owners stay on top of the significant expenses. The software also helps track inventory, preventing shortages, losses and wasted resources. Keeping close track of your inventory will also help improve your ability to plan projects, helping you managers set better timelines and expectations. Most importantly, Mail-Shop can summarize these and other important information about your operations, production and workforce.

Powerful Estimates

Many customers utilize Mail-Shop software for its powerful estimating capabilities. It allows customer to create, update, track and send comprehensive and professional estimates, which can be sent to customers and prospects. Mail-Shop standard service pricing matrix helps build an estimate with a standard service pricing matrix, which can then be customized for each customer or project. WIth Mail-Shop, you can create an estimate in one to two minutes, with a guide that can help you through complex service pricing.

The powerful price estimating ability of Mail-Shop can be used for single or multiple projects, track and manage estimate status and automatically estimate postage. Of course, all of this information can be estimated to a Mail-Shop work order.

Inventory Management

For inventory management, Mail-Shop will provide an effective and efficient flow of you and your customer materials in your shop. Users of Mail-Shop can get real-time access to inventory levels while speaking with clients or prospects. You can use Mail-Shop to eliminate many inventory issues, including lost or misplaced inventory, handling leftover materials and better utilizing your warehouse space. Plus, Mail-Shop also provides fully detailed invoices showing services, postages and instructions. Contact Virtual Systems today for more information on how Mail-Shop can benefit your business.