• Mar
  • 06
  • 2017

Four Print MIS Upgrade Take Aways From Salt Lake Mailing and Printing

Salt Lake Mailing and Printing (SLMP) is a full-service print shop based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Founded in 1983, the company has assembled a solid team of mail and printing industry professionals who have created a track record of success.

From printing to addressing, inserting, and mailing SLMP offers a variety of services. They do all types of projects including advertising, mailing, bank statements, invoices, and postcards.

SLMP made a major investment in their technology, moving from three separate systems to one system. Here’s their experience on moving to Midnight print MIS in their words.

1. Instant, Accurate Estimates
By implementing Midnight software, they are now able to turn around mail, print estimates in an extremely timely fashion. Customers receive an accurate price right away. They no longer have to split up the estimating process across multiple systems.

2. Fast Answers to Customer Questions
Customer questions, such as “what’s going on with the mailing?”, are answered at the click of a button. Previously, switching between three systems was a pain, and it was hard to provide the customer one picture of their work.

3. Why SLMP Upgraded Their Print MIS
SLMP decided to switch over to Midnight print MIS to go from three systems into one system.

Now they’ve streamlined and consolidated the estimating, updating, and delivery of projects into one central system.

4. What’s CEO Paul Naylor’s favorite feature?
Paul comments, “My favorite things about midnight is its ability to be accessed from wherever you are. From home, from work, from smartphones, it’s so convenient to have it right at your fingertips.”

You can get a quick video preview of Midnight print MIS and request a demo here.