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City Date Trip Notes
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2018 Locations TBD Take a look at our upcoming trips for 2018!
Manassas, VA 6/21/2018 Midnight Bus Visits Planet Direct in Manassas, VA
Dulles, VA 6/21/2018 Midnight Bus Visits MDI Imaging & Mail in Dulles, VA
Norfolk, VA 6/19/2018 Midnight Bus Visits Preferred Direct in Norfolk, VA
Norfolk, VA 6/18/2018 Midnight Bus Visits Centric Communications in Norfolk, VA
Winston Salem, NC 5/31/2018 Midnight Bus Visits Excalibur Direct in Winston Salem, NC
Lawrenceville, GA 5/30/2018 Midnight Bus Visits Amplifii in Lawrenceville, GA
Winston Salem, NC 11/10/2017 Midnight Bus Visits PostMark, Inc in Winston Salem, NC
Lynchburg, VA 11/9/2017 Midnight Bus Visits BSM Direct in Lynchburg, VA
Gibsonia, PA 11/7/2017 Midnight Bus Visits CDI Printing Services in Gibsonia, PA
Akron, OH 10/27/2017 Midnight Bus Visits InfoCision in Akron, OH
Akron, OH 10/26/2017 Midnight Bus Visits Millers Print & Mail in Akron, OH
Louisville, KY 10/24/2017 Midnight Bus Visits Innovairre in Louisville, KY
Louisville, KY 10/23/2017 Midnight Bus Visits United Mail in Louisville, KY
Watertown, SD 8/3/2017 Midnight Bus Visits Borns Group, Inc in Watertown, SD
Carol Stream, IL 7/31/2017 Midnight Bus Visits Eclipse One in Chicago, IL
Commerce City, CO 7/31/2017 Midnight Bus Visits Wizbang Solutions in Commerce City, CO
St. Louis, MO 7/15/2017 Midnight Bus Visits Presort, Inc.
Nashville, TN 6/3/2017 Midnight Bus Visits DNI Corp
Liberty, MO 5/12/2017 Midnight Bus Visits Action Mailing in Liberty, MO
St Louis, MO 5/11/2017 Midnight Bus Visits Centene in St Louis, MO
St Louis, MO 5/10/2017 Midnight Bus Visits Presort in St Louis, MO
Chesterfield, MO 5/10/2017 Midnight Bus Visits APC Direct in Chesterfield, MO
Nashville, TN 5/8/2017 Midnight Bus Visits DN I Group in Nashville, TN
Nashville, TN 5/8/2017 Midnight Bus Visits Millers Choice in Nashville, TN
St. Louis, MO 5/5/2017 Midnight Bus Visits APC Direct
Tampa, FL 4/18/2017 Midnight Bus Visits American Marketing & Mail
and American Visual Brands in Tampa FL
Lake Powell, AZ 7/15/2016 Midnight Bus Visits Lake Powell in Page AZ
Salt Lake City, UT 6/23/2016 Midnight Bus Visits Salt Lake Mailing and Printing
Denver, CO 6/7/2016 Midnight Bus Visits Endpoint Direct
Denver, CO 6/2/2016 Midnight Bus Visits Plumb Marketing
Behind the Scenes 8/6/2015 Meet the chefs of 2015
Grand Island, NY 7/18/2015 Compu-Mail
Pasadena, CA 7/7/2015 California Marketing
Hudson, MA 6/24/2015 Midnight Bus Visits Jet Mail
Hudson, MA 6/24/2015 Champion Award to Jet Mail
Waldorf, MD 6/17/2015 MPM
Frederick, MD 6/12/2015 Prolist Direct Marketing Services
Everywhere 12/28/2014 Happy Holidays
Springfield OH 11/17/2014 Holmes Printing 
Dayton OH 11/17/2014 Hands On 
Nashville TN 11/6/2014 Professional Reprographics 
Nashville TN 11/6/2014 Mailers Choice 
Statesboro GA 11/7/2014 Lewis Color 
New Albany IN 11/5/2014 L&D Mailmasters 
Lexington KY 8/25/2014 Bluegrass Integrated Communications 
Brainerd MN 7/30/2014 Range Printing 
Arden Hills MN 7/29/2014 Streamworks 
Stevens Point WI 7/28/2014 Spectra Print 
Olympia WA 7/10/2014 Capitol City Press 
Seattle WA 7/10/2014 DCG One 
Seattle WA 7/9/2014 Mail–Ad 
Seattle WA 7/9/2014 BBQ cookout with the VS crew in seattle 
Seattle WA 7/9/2014 Seattle Mailing Bureau  
Salt Lake City UT 6/24/2014 Sun Litho / Progressive 
Bryce Canyon Natl Park in UT 6/20/2014 Bryce Canyon Natl Park in UT 
San Diego CA 5/20/2014 US Mailing 
San Diego CA 5/20/2014 Select Mailing 
Anaheim, CA 5/20/2014 DAR 
La Verne CA 5/19/2014 Direct Connection Printing 
Black water Tank 5/18/2014 Camping Lesson 101 
Lake Havasu, AZ 5/16/2014 Campground in Texas Rest Area 
Phoenix AZ 5/15/2014 PRI Graphics 
Somewhere in New Mexico 5/14/2014 Front tire blow out
El Paso, TX 5/14/2014 H & H Mailing 
El Paso, TX 5/14/2014 Go Direct Mail Marketing
Waco, TX 5/13/2014 Integ
Houston, TX 5/12/2014 Business Extension Bureau 
Dudley, UK via Orlando, FL 4/23/2014 Advanced Direct UK
Charlotte, NC 4/22/2014 UMS Results 
High Point, NC 4/22/2014 Harland Clarke
Jacksonville, FL 4/17/2014 Kessler Creative
Dallas, TX 4/16/2014 Platinum Direct
Dallas, TX 4/16/2014 Summit Direct
Dallas, TX 4/16/2014 NDSI Direct Solutions
Dallas, TX 4/16/2014 G&C Direct
Dallas, TX 4/15/2014 TriWin
Fort Worth, TX 4/15/2014 Brio Direct
Shreveport, LA 4/14/2014 Paragon Press
Road trip: FL to TX 4/13/2014 Minor technical difficulties
Atlanta, GA 3/12/2014 National Mailing Service
Albany, GA 3/12/2014 One Plus Mail
Boca Raton, FL 3/19/2014 Direct Mail Impressions
Atlanta, GA 3/11/2014 dDirect
Lawrenceville, GA 3/11/2014 Amplifi
Savannah, GA 3/10/2014 Image/DXM
Conyers, GA 3/10/2014 Dixie Graphics
Tampa/Clearwater, FL 2/26/2014 Postcard Mania / Rocket Mail , Direct Mail Systems
Lakeland, FL 2/26/2014 Mail Processing Associates
Ft. Myers, FL 2/25/2014 Phase V
Ft. Myers, FL 2/25/2014 RapidPrint
Sarasota, FL 2/25/2014 Mail it / Serbin Printing
Jacksonville, FL 2/24/2014 DXM
Orlando, FL 2/24/2014 Direct One

What’s the fuss about this big bus?

Actual Live Conversation from 11:30am @ Poe’s Tavern Bar on Feb 13th.


Chris wants to bring fun and forward thinking to an established industry…

With the bus I want it to be about having fun.

This print industry been around for a long time, and it can be a trying industry to say the least. But there’s so many cool things happening in print right now…

I want to introduce some fun and craziness, you know, mix things up a bit.

While some companies are doing things the same way, the industry is changing, new things are happening.

People are breaking out of the traditional mold of offering just print and mail.

They’re moving into wide format, e-marketing services, transactional mailing and providing a deeper value to their customers…. Cool stuff

What’s the plan?

We’re going to show up at our customers office.

In the middle of their daily grind.

We’ll bring some cold drinks and snacks, invite the team out, and just have some fun. Heck maybe we’ll even fire up the grill and throw the frisbee around in the parking lot.

Our first “test run” took us a few hours from our Jacksonville, Fl office to visit people in Orlando and Tampa. After that we made our way around to many of the major cities in the US.

Hope to see you on the bus tour!

The Bus Gets Wrapped and Rolled Out

On Site at DMX Marketing on Feb 24th


Rain, rain, and more rain. Gray and ugly outside. The day the bus got wrapped, our Jacksonville, Florida office was doing it’s best impersonation of our Seattle headquarters. The bus was on dry ground, however, tucked away at DMX Marketing Groups warehouse for it’s big day.

Check out the Photos Here