• Sep
  • 19
  • 2017

Employee Spotlight – Meet Virtual System’s Nate Burns

Nate Burns is our Virtual Systems sales manager who has been with the company for almost 5 years, working from our Jacksonville Beach office. He leads a small but mighty sales team, helping potential customers appreciate how our Midnight Print and Mail MIS can transform their operations.  Married and a father of five, Nate grew up in Northern Minnesota, but wisely relocated to Florida many years ago to leave the snow and ice behind.

Nate comes from a mortgage banking background, where he developed systems to support customer satisfaction, improve employee relationships, maximize processes, and manage controls. His primary focus was on technology and team, understanding that the right management information systems fosters better communication within a work environment. His understanding that powerful technology tools directly relate to business success allowed him to quickly integrate into the Virtual Systems organization.

Nate’s Experience with Potential Customers

Nate enjoys helping other companies grow, which is a foundational principle of our company. When conducting demos with people new to our system, he notices that two features excite them the most:

  • The software is cloud-based. The ability to access information and interact with the system from nearly every device makes our system unique in the marketplace. This flexibility allows owners and managers to address problems, review schedules, and evaluate projects from almost any location.  
  • It’s easy to use. The dashboard is intuitive, data is easy to access, and the operations are logical. The incorporation of functions and the ability to integrate outside apps and programs makes Midnight truly designed for company success.

Why Nate Loves Virtual Systems

When asked why he loves working at Virtual Systems, Nate responded:

  1. The owner, Chris Huber. Chris is a good, smart man who runs a great business. He holds everyone accountable and gives us the leeway to make things happen.
  2. The Technology. We are one of the only companies that have completely reinvented their platform to meet new market demands. It is responsive technology that supports current and future industry trends.
  3. The Staff. Most of the employees have been here for over ten years. They are good people and this is a good company to work for.

Like Nate, we take pride in helping companies solve problems and reach their true potential. Contact us to learn how Midnight can transform your operations and improve outcomes, or request a demo to experience its intuitive structure and the flexibility only a cloud-based system provides.