• Apr
  • 08
  • 2015

Direct Mail Still Essential Now Days

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 12.49.30 PMWith a cost per unit cheaper than pay-per-click, tactile in a way that digital and TV are not and precision-targeted if you want it to be, why does direct mail feel the need to justify its place in media plans?

That was the question hanging in the air at the recent launch of Royal Mail’s “mailmen” campaign to promote the channel’s effectiveness in the digital era and Private Life Of Mail, an 18-month research study carried out by Royal Mail’s MarketReach division.

To combat what MarketReach’s managing director, Jonathan Harman, calls mail’s “image problem”, the study digs deep into mail’s “life” in the home and how it interacts with other media to boost advertiser ROI.

Independent sources are included, such as analysis of the IPA Effectiveness Awards Databank over the past ten years that uncovered mail’s role in 416 winning entries.

Outside the report, brands such as Virgin Media talk of a more sophisticated use of the channel. “Our direct mail has evolved in three or four years from being hard sales brochures to being more entertaining and with richer content,” Richard Larcombe, Virgin Media’s marketing and brand director, says. Read more here.