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  • 07
  • 2018

Direct Connection’s Migration from Mail Shop to Midnight a Success – Part 1/3

Direct Connection has served the print and mail needs of a wide variety of clients in the La Verne, California area since 1990. With over 100 active projects on any given day, and six departments that move them from intake to completion, this business relied on Virtual System’s Mail Shop for the past 15 years to keep things running smoothly. Direct Connection owner, John Hodgman, recently oversaw his company’s conversion to the updated Midnight Print & Mail v. 6.0 and was astounded by the results.

The Migration to Midnight

In a recent interview, Mr. Hodgman discussed his company’s migration from Mail Shop to Midnight and shared two powerful observations:

  1. The transition from Mail Shop to Midnight was Easier than Expected. “I was very apprehensive about the change and expected it to involve a lot of work and frustration, but that wasn’t the case. The process wasn’t seamless, but it was very close to it.”
  2. The Return on Investment is Excellent. When asked what he would say to other Mail Shop users Mr. Hodgman replied, “I would recommend others who are using Mail Shop to transition to Midnight because of the Return on Investment.” He went on to explain, “Given the improved workflows and efficiencies, which are already saving us money, I anticipate the ROI from the transition to Midnight to be less than a year. This system improves efficiencies, which means I need fewer people to provide better services to our customers. For me, this makes the investment in Midnight a no-brainer.”

At Virtual Systems we are pleased that the Direct Connection conversion went smoothly and that Midnight has had such a significant and immediate impact on their operations. If you are a current Mail Shop user or a company wanting to learn more about our updated Midnight Print & Mail MIS contact us today or request a demonstration.

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