• Feb
  • 21
  • 2011

Creating Orders and Assemblies

Creating Orders and Assemblies

In the world of fulfillment, orders can come in from many ways: by batch file, by phone, by email, from a third party storefront. Midnight Fulfillment supports multiple mechanisms for receiving orders into the system for fulfillment.

Online Storefronts:
The ideal solution, online storefronts allow individuals to create an order directly into the system

  • Designed to be created by customer support personnel without IT/developer involvement
  • Customer reporting available
  • Order Tracking
  • Address book for frequently used ship-to addresses
  • Credit card purchasing
  • Cost center, purchase order or GLID capture at order time

Manual Orders:
For orders that come in via phone, email or other non-standard method

  • Internal users like CSR’s or Account Managers can quickly enter orders.
  • Can be tracked separately for billing at a higher rate than lower-cost order methods

Batch Order Import:
For entry of multiple orders at a time using a standard order layout specification

  • Increased automation for you and your customers
  • Order review prior to import

Web Service Order Import:
Fully automated solution allows orders to be programmatically imported into your system

  • Integrate with third party storefronts/shopping carts
  • Ability to integrate with external order management systems or EDI providers

Request Assembly:
Enable customers to pre-Order kit assemblies

  • Create requests with a real time view of inventory status to ensure that targets for builds can be met
  • Preview both composition and tasks for assembly with a cost summary
  • Can be requested by internal staff or customer personnel