• Aug
  • 27
  • 2013

Mobile Computing for Print Shop Owners

Cloud ComputingWith all of the changes in printing and mailing technology, it’s hard to run a modern company on software designed for yesterday’s market. For starters, the servers and desktops have to be kept upgraded and virus free. The system is not accessible outside the office or from a mobile device. And periodic equipment upgrades will add more costs.

But users of Virtual System’s print shop Midnight software don’t have to deal with these problems. Midnight print shop software is cloud based, giving users the ability to price jobs, create estimates, plan production and manage projects from the Internet or a smartphone. Business owners and their staff can now have access to all of the critical applications and information they may need, wherever they are.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is an Internet-based service that gives user an online software application, complete with all of the necessary functions, support and interactivity. With cloud computing, all Internet users need is a computer with an up-to-date browser and their login information in order to get to work. Data storage, the software application and infrastructure support are all managed on servers, which offers great flexibility to both service providers and end users.

What is Midnight print shop software?

Midnight print shop software offers many powerful features. It includes a menu of pricing estimates for digital and offset print and mail projects, full-scale production planning features, biometric shop floor tracking, complete postage accounting. Midnight print shop software users can manage multiple versions of each project and support print and mail jobs on one ticket. Plus, it works with many other applications, including Quickbooks, Peachtree, MAS90 and more.

How does it benefit business owners?

Users of Midnight print shop software can get the pulse of their business while working to continue building it. With Midnight, shop owners and managers won’t be stuck in the office when they need to make business meetings or sales calls. And they won’t be caught unable to give potential clients a pricing estimate or deliver information about their products and services. Business owners can stay on top of projects, manage client relations and analyze their operations, all they need is a smartphone, tablet or any Internet-enabled computer.

Why use Midnight print shop software?

Virtual Systems supplies all of the hardware, ending the worries about viruses, the hassle of software upgrades and the costs of hardware fixes. With Midnight print shop software, you’re always running the latest version, you’ve always got space if you need it and your work is always backed up.   Also, cloud computing is easy to manage and scale to your businesses needs. Add services that are useful and subtract ones that aren’t.
Anyone operating a printing, marketing or mailing service can benefit from Virtual System’s Midnight print software. Don’t upgrade your management software or buy new hardware before finding out about what the suite of services that Midnight print and mail shop software has to offer.