• Oct
  • 12
  • 2017

Consulting Services can Maximize the Value of Your Print MIS

At Virtual Systems, we pride ourselves on our implementation process. Our teams recognize that every client has unique needs and challenges, which we address as we train the staff on the best uses of our Midnight Print and Mail MIS. After implementation is complete, we send out system updates as needed, and our excellent customer service representatives will answer your questions, or locate someone who can.
While all of these services are designed to make your MIS as positive and effective as possible, sometimes you need more support. Our consulting services are designed to provide this support, which is often used to:
• Improve the overall use of the software. Implementation time is important, and there is a lot of ground to cover in a short amount of time. Following up with consultation sessions allows key staff members to develop a deeper understanding of specific modules which maximizes the value of your software investment. Also, bringing consultants in after your staff has had time to work with the system, provides an opportunity to revisit issues that they don’t understand now that they have had hands-on experience with it.
• Train new employees. A busy shop may be able to absorb one or two new employees and train them on the MIS system as they go along. However, if the company has experienced a staffing turnover or significant expansion, department leaders are unlikely to have the time to fully train the new employees on this critical piece of the overall operations. Using Virtual Systems consultants, the new staff can become fully trained on the Midnight or Print and Mail Shop systems without taking experienced staff away from day-to-day operations.
• Implement new modules. We consistently update our systems to make processes easier and faster for our users. In busy print shops, the staff is focused on current operations and deadlines, and often don’t have the time to upload the updates or appreciate their value. Our updates often solve common challenges or streamlines processes, but your staff doesn’t take advantage of these opportunities. Using our consulting services to activate the updates and train your staff, you will maximize the benefits you receive from the system which improves efficiencies and lowers costs.
We are committed to our client’s success, and provide a variety of resources to support their endeavors. Our consulting services is an excellent resource that you can access to maximize the value of our systems. Contact us to learn more about this value-enhancing opportunity. If you are curious about the Midnight Print and Mail MIS system, request a demo or request a visit from our Midnight Bus.