• Aug
  • 30
  • 2013

Case Study: Direct Mail vs. Email Invoices

invoiceCertainly one can’t beat the price of sending invoices by email. At least it appears that way, until one captures all the real costs of doing so. When testing the letter versus email question, a Danish utility company was quite enlightened by the outcome. This Fresh Data Case Study will analyze the true costs of both options and present the quantitative results outlining which is really the most cost effective method. Possible spoiler alert, the results may surprise you. This case study was compiled by Data Services, Inc. with cooperation from our friends at the Prescott Report.

Natur-Energi A/S is a Danish energy company dedicated to locating, generating and delivering simple and effective energy supplies and solutions that result in lower CO2 generation.  Their customers are, for the most part, private small and medium-sized companies who are committed to CO2 reduction and arresting climate change.

(Read the full article here: http://www.dataservicesinc.com/news/)