• Jun
  • 09
  • 2016

Another Resounding Midnight Success!

VSUN 2016 in full swing.The 2016 VSUN Conference held May 4th – May 6th in Jacksonville Beach, Florida was a resounding success on all counts.

The conference was well attended by the Midnight and Mailshop user community and proved to be not only educational but also recreational (yes, we had F-U-N!).

During the event, we showcased new modules that are currently in production and which are to be released within the next 6-12 months. Those in attendance got to take an up-close-and-personal look at these features and validate their importance.


There were six new companies who were presented with Champion Awards for their outstanding achievement in implementing software within their companies.

Sharing (Cool Integrations) is Caring

Five companies shared really cool integrations and solutions that they have created within their software to solve specific business needs.One of the coolest solutions was from a company called MPM Communications. They had a 3D printed a device that functions as a counter on a machine with a raspberry pie computer interface that talks to the Midnight API to send counts back into the software. Very cool and nice job! It’s always great to see how users apply the software to their own business needs.


Some of the coolest things that I felt happened during the conference on the Midnight side included:
previewing the new scheduling calendar’s drag and drop interface showing our plans to build a customer portal where by customers and log on and view job status, reports, inventory balances, postage balances, and proofs.The addition of new, automated, email triggers in various parts of the program.


On MailShop software side, we announced enhancements to the software including:
expanded capabilities for the DP quality control checklist—that includes other areas of the program that can use the checklist enhanced sales reports new scheduling features.

Looking Ahead

It’s never too early to start looking ahead and one of the things we would like to focus on in 2017 is a deeper emphasis on the champion sharing for the community—for people who are responsible for managing the operation of the software in their company. We’ll have special sessions in 2017 that are specially geared toward driving the software into a deeper implementation and having the program cover a wider array of functions in your business.

Wait, There’s More!

We’ve started a new LinkedIn page called “Midnight User Group.” Search for it on the LinkedIn site and join. This is a community of both Midnight and MailShop users where they can share feedback on questions asked by the group.

A Big Thank You!

Thank you to everyone who attend, who brought their energy, inspiration, humor, and ideas to helped to make it a truly memorable event. We look forward to seeing you next year!